Monday, November 22, 2010

~ Batam trip @ Harris Resort - Day 2 (Part 1) ~

16th November - We were blessed with a SUNNY Day despite the earlier weather forecasting that we may expect showers. :) Isn't it nice to see a clear blue sky, the trees on the mountains, hear the waters from the swimming pool and feel the warmth of the sun that welcomes you as you wake up in the morning? No wonder Gladys loves to stand by the balcony. :)

We had a good night rest even though all 4 of us squeeze and sleep together in a King size bed. ^_^ We went down to the Harris Cafe for our breakfast buffet spread. The variety of the buffet is acceptable with cereal, bread, salad, eggs, rice, noodles, porridge, hotdogs, pancakes, potatoes, pastries etc.

After breakfast, it is roaming around the hotel again. We still have a couple of hours of free time before taking the free shuttle down to the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

After washing up, the children decided to head down to the Dino Kids' Club again for today's activities. This morning there is a colouring competition and we saw more children joining in the club. :) The kids played together and Rofi took the balloons out for a round of fun games.

Next on is the Sign hunt game where the children will be going around the lobby area gathering signatures of the staff. The one who got the most signatures will win. Denver wanted so much to participate in this game that he is very reluctant to leave when it's time to take the shuttle downtown. :(

Eventually, we boarded the Harris shuttle which leaves the resort at around 1030am. (Note: We made our bookings to go to Nagoya Hill when we check-in to the resort yesterday. It is advisable to make an early booking just in case the slots are all filled up.)

It took about 30-35 mins to reach the shopping mall from the Resort. This is probably one of the downside so far. 

The other thing is we only have less than 3 hours to lunch and shop around the mall before the shuttle picks us up at 13:30pm. This timing is definitely too short since the mall is quite big. Alternatively, you can always check with the driver if there are still vacanies to take the later shuttle at 16:00. If not, you will have to take a cab back to the resort which may cost around 50,000 rupiah.(~$7.4SGD).

Nagoya Hill is the biggest shopping mall in Batam which has a lot of retail shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories etc. There is also a departmental store - Matahari, Hypermart (Basement), arcade centre, cinema, food street and restaurants. It is a pity that we didn't have enough time to explore the shops and departmental store in detail, but we get a glimpse and overall feel of it and more updates in Part 2. :)

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