Sunday, November 21, 2010

~ Batam trip @ Harris Resort - Day 1 (Part 2) ~

After lunch, it's PLAY TIME! We signed up the children for a 45 mins cooking session (Pizza making) for $10 SGD per child. (Note: Only Batik making and Cooking lesson needs to pay an extra fee. The other activities within the Dino club are Free to join.)

We met up with the Dino club nanny - Rofi who is a nice, young lady taking care of the Dino clubs' activities. Denver and Gladys are dressed up as little chefs and all set to make their own pizzas!

They looked so cute with the chef hats and aprons. ^_^ 

Rofi gave step by step instructions on how to make a pizza. The children had fun putting their little hands to work. The pizza chef also came to help the kids flatten their dough and everyone had a good time.

The children get to choose what toppings they like to have on their pizza. Hotdogs, chicken, fish, corn and lots of CHEESE. Too bad they don't like onions... :p

A big clap for a great job done and now it's the real chef's turn to bake the pizza and 3 minutes is all he needs! :) The Yummy pizzas are for us to keep and we'll be having them for snacks later. :) We had 3 pizzas in a day but the children are not complaining at all.

After the cooking lesson, we are going for fun fishing at 4pm. Rofi prepared the fishing rods, bucket, bread and lead us to a fishing pond near the entrance of the resort. The bread was soaked into the water which is used as the fishing bait. Next, it is all about patience, skill and a little luck.

Denver & Gladys finally caught a fish! They were so excited and proud of their catch. :) Mommy had no luck though. :) Eventually all the fishes that were caught were being released back into the pond with the remaining bread buns as their 'dinner'.

The Dino club activities ended at 5pm and so we headed to the pool for a swim. It is definitely relaxing to soak our tired bodies inside the warm water after a long day. The children doesn't seems to be tired though. :)

It's dinner time and we are HUNGRY! We finished the pizzas that the children made earlier and decided to try out the Korean-Japanese style restuarant - Arirang within the resort. The waiter serves us Korean tea and 6 small plates of side dishes including Kimchi prior to the main meals and they are pretty yummy. We ordered Kimchi noodles (which Hubby commented it tasted very much like the curry flavoured Maggie Mee) and a plate of sala udon with chicken and lots of squid and vegetables. The serving for the plate of 'dry noodle' is pretty big and enough for 2 to eat.  The restuarant is very quiet with only a few customers but I would say the overall dining experience at Arirang is ok and the taste of the food is good. Total damage for dinner: $23+ SGD (including a can of coke which cost ~$2.5SGD).

After dinner, television programs, PSP and internet connection kept us occupied throughout the night. Thanks to the Free WIFI available in our room and Hubby bringing along his laptop.

We can still enjoy the TV programs from Singapore (Ch U, Ch 8) and there are many other channels available to select. :) We had a good time so far and looking forward to Day 2.


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love the chef's hat

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Yes! We also like it too! They look very cute. hehhehe

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