Friday, September 3, 2010

~ Takashimaya @ Ngee Ann City ~

Orchard Road is very well known as the shopper's haven in Singapore. There are various iconic shopping malls occupying both sides of the one way street which draws a lot of tourists as well as the locals. Due to the crowd (especially during weekends) and more expensive parking, we only go to Orchard Road once in a very blue moon.

One of our favourite hide-out is the Takashimaya Department Store (retail giant in Japan) at Ngee Ann City. The 7 storeys (B2-L5) store is filled with Ladies', Men's and Children's Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, Sports, Toys, Books, Electrical, Home & Interior, Food outlets and many more.

The children's favourite is the Toys section at Level 3 while Hubby & I will occasionally look around to look at the clothing or the Home & Interior area at B1. Basement 2 is where the supermarket and the various food outlets are located. If you are thirsty or want to grab something to eat, this is where you should go. Alternatively, KFC and McDonald is just located a level up at B1 but seatings are limited. :)

Besides the various promotions at the "Talking Hall" event at B1, there are always sales events/fairs (e.g. Toy fair, Fashion, Home & Interior, Sports etc) held at the 1000sqm Takashimaya Square at B2. Since Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, there are many stalls from different hotels, restaurants setup at the square promoting sales of their mooncakes. From the traditional White Lotus, Snow skin to Durian, Yam, Champagne, Ice-cream flavoured mooncakes. There are so many to choose from and you just cannot stop sampling them. Hahaha

There are many more shops around Ngee Ann City and if love to shop, it'll take you sometime to complete your shopping. :)

Outside Ngee Ann City is the Civic Plaza. It is a big open area where many roadshows, concerts, events are held. There is a water fountain in front of the Civic Plaza and Gladys will not miss the chance to take some photos here. :) She loves to see the fountains and play with the water.

Anyone in a shopping mood? :D


fufu said...

ahh.... orchard road huuh? used to be the frequent customer of takashimaya when i was studying in japan...

Phoebe said...

Nice. I would love to have a chance to go japan. :)

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