Sunday, September 12, 2010

~ Mid-Autumn Festival by the River 2010 ~

It will be Mid-Autumn Festival in another week time. From now till 22nd Sept (from 5pm nightly), there will be floating lantern pieces depicting the Chinese legends (三国, 西游记, 水浒传 etc) and big lanterns on the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals display near Clark Quay and on the Singapore River.

At the same time, there is also a Taiwanese Food Fair by the River with many stalls selling yummy, authentic Taiwanese food & snacks near and on the bridge. (e,g, "Smelly" toufu, Zhuangyuan Gao, Fried chicken, 蚵仔煎, 擔仔麵 etc). There are also booths selling clothing, handifcrafts and offering massage services. 

Stage performances with music and 相声 is also near the Central Mall and it will be nice to bring the family down for dinner, have a little walk and immerse in the Mid-autumn festival by the Singapore River.


Henry Lee said...

i suppose to snap photos at nite here the other day but the rest of my friends just wanna go back home :(

Phoebe said...

oh.. hahah.. :) Nevermind, can see photos from my blog. :p

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