Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ Youth Olympic Park ~

The Youth Olympic Games (14th August - 26th August 2010) is going to have it's closing ceremony in a few days time. Last friday, we took the children to the Float@Marina Bay to see the Youth Olympic Park where the Olympic flame, the cauldron that is shaped like a lighthouse and the largest floating stage which holds the opening and closing ceremony is. We seen in on TV but seeing it at the actual spot is a totally different feeling.

Youth Olympic Park

Youth Olympic Park - the Olympic fire, lighthouse cauldron, the floating stage, Helix Bridge and the beautiful Singapore skyline at the backdrop. Simply Gorgeous!

The lovely YOG mascots - Lyo and Merly! They are being placed at various spots on the Helix Bridge and many locals and tourists took this opportunity to take some pictures for remembrance of this historical event in Singapore!

Denver wants to take the No. 1 (Golden) spot and Gladys with Merly.

More snapshots of the children with Lyo & Merly. (From day to night)

The Lighthouse Cauldron and Youth Olympic Flame looked more beautiful in the night. Can you see the Tornado effect of the flame? The opening ceremony of the YOG has definitely been amazing.

The Helix Bridge and Flyer.

It was drizzling shortly after we arrived till we left. Although we are not able to get close to the stage and see the Youth Olympic Flame, it was nice to bring the kids along and feel the YOG event in Singapore.

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