Monday, August 23, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 9 - Taiwan Oct-Nov 2005 (Day 9 & 10) ~

4th Nov - Day 9: Our final day in Taipei and we are at Core Pacific City (金华城). Another big shopping mall in Taipei. (12 storeys above ground and 7 underground levels)

First impression of the mall is it's unique exterior and interior design. Very futuristic and high-tech. The escalators spans several storeys high and I do get confused which one I should take and where it will leads me to.

We are not enthusiastic shoppers and so it is mainly taking Denver to the children's play area and let him have some fun with the various kiddy rides available within the complex.

Hubby & I have definitely miscalculated and spent too many days in Taipei. We felt that we should have been more adventurous and allocated more days to explore the other parts of Taiwan instead. I guess we have considered the fact that we are bringing a young child along and decided to stick to Taipei more on a safer note. Regardless, we didn't tired ourselves out and everyone is in healthy shape. :)

We spent our final night in Taipei at Huaxi Street Night Market (华西街) also widely known as the snake alley. Huaxi Night Market is located near Lungshan Temple (龙山寺) and is most famous for the various snake shops. As we walked past, we saw a man from one of the snake shop demonstrating how he slam the snake (knocking it out probably), cutting the snake and letting the blood drip out. Ewwwww. It drew a crowd as many gather to see 'show'. Many tourists and locals come here to try the special 'delicacies' - eating snake meat and drinking snake soup or blood. (Uh.. Sorry.. we gave that a pass!)

Apart from the snake shops, like other night markets, Huaxi Night Market also have other stalls hawking at the side of the streets selling assorted products, food, snacks, drinks etc.

5th Nov - Day 10: 9 full days of fun and adventure and here is the final chapter. It's always sad to end a vacation but we spent a lot and miss home too. :) Since our flight is in the late afternoon, we spent our morning around Ximending before departing from the hotel to the Airport.

It has been an enjoyable trip and we bring back many fond memories of Taiwan.

Farewell! See you again Taiwan!

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