Wednesday, August 4, 2010

~ Halloween Horrors @ Night Safari ~

Halloween falls on 31st October every year and there is a growing trend where this event is being celebrated compared to the past. There are many different ways where people are enjoying this day like watching horror movies/shows, playing tricks on their friends, goes on ghostly tours or dressing up in their costumes for Halloween parties.

Like the previous year, Halloween Horrors is BACK at the Night Safari for the month of October! More spook and terror is expected for this year event. There will be the Train of Terror, Trail of the Undead, Haunted Village @ Singapore Zoo and Gruesome treats!... More ghouls will be awaiting at various spots when you entered the doomed gates of the Night Safari. You can also dress up in your scariest Halloween costumes, get spotted and a chance to win a $50 Wildlife Reserves Singapore gift voucher!

This is probably not too suitable for the faint-hearted (like us) and too much for the children to bear. :) There will surely be screams, tears and nightmares. BUT if you DARE and would like to have some fun, come experience the intense scare factor that Halloween Horrors has in store for you! For more information, please visit

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