Saturday, July 17, 2010

~ Singapore Garden Festival 2010 ~

Singapore Garden Festival 2010 (15th-22nd July) is back again for the third time! This event is held every 2 years and it is our 2nd visit to the SGF since 2008. There are many floral displays, landscaping, gardens etc and I am always impressed with the flower show each time.

The carpark lift lobby at the basement have grass patches laid and even the lifts leading to the Exhibition halls at Suntec have been decorated from top to bottom.. Flowers beautify the entire hallway as if you are really in a garden.

Knowing that we will be snapping photos all the way, we came here prepared with our phones and cameras fully charged.

The SGF covers the 4th and 6th floor within the Suntec International Convention Hall. On our previous visit 2 years ago, we arrived in the evening (after dinner) and didn't have enough time. This year, we decided to come in the afternoon so that we have the entire evening to roam around.

We started with Level 6 to see the various winning equisite displays from the different countries. It is magnificent and just looking at the flowers brightens my day. Every piece of display looks like an art masterpiece. We see people around us busy taking photos either with their phones or cameras, and not forgetting the professionals who are equipped with their tripods and DSLR cameras. Everyone wants to have a good photo shot!

Denver and Gladys are not bored at the SGF at all... Why? They have been busy running and fighting for their turns to take pictures with their cameras as well. HAIZ.....

Maybe because it is our 2nd visit and hence I wasn't as excited and surprised compared to SGF 2008. :)

Some of my favourites. :)

At Level 6

At Level 4

After spending around 2 hours at level 6, we went to the Marina Square foodcourt to have our dinner before coming back again to check out the Orchids display at level 4! There are so many different colours and kinds of Orchids and many of which are award winners. It will be hundreds of photos if I were to take one for each of them!

Some Fun Shots =)
 Random photos 

There are so much to see at SGF 2010. If you love greenery, flowers, landscaping and art, It is a must see event. :) We spent at least 4 hours to cover everything and YES, my legs and eyes are tired. Catch Singapore Garden Festival in 2012!!

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