Thursday, July 29, 2010

~ Kite Flying at Anchorvale - Part 2 ~

We promised to bring Gladys to fly kite during the June holidays. Unfortunately due to the persistent heavy rains and incooperative weather, it was postponed again and again. We finally took her to Anchorvale last Sunday for some kite flying. It is one of the rare moments where there have been no rains for 2 days and the field is relatively dry.

Apart from kite lovers, there are many families with their children running around, playing ball and cycling in the field. A couple are sitting on their mats/mini chairs while enjoying and relaxing themselves looking at their kites in the sky.

Denver & his Eagle kite

We tried to fly our kite too... but there is just not enough wind to fly it high that evening! Hubby tried again and again and only managed to get it up for awhile. What a shame! Well, at least the kids had some fun running around. We'll try our luck next time. ^_^

Denver & Gladys chasing after the kite.

It is still a pleasure looking at the other pretty kites and also doing some walking around the big field together. The children complained they are tired without even completing half a round! Hahaha

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