Saturday, July 3, 2010

~ Jurong East Swimming Complex ~

26th June - It's Denver's 7th Birthday and Hubby decided to take the children to Jurong East Swimming Complex for some water play. They enjoyed the pool and slides at Anchorvale CC and this is a surprise visit for Denver. :)

Jurong East Swimming Complex
Address: 21 Jurong East Street 31 (609517)
Contact No: 6563 5052, 6565 2297
Operating Hours: 8.00am - 9.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday & Public Holidays), Closed on Monday
Weekday entry fee: $1.50 (adult) / $0.80 (child)
Weekend / public holiday entry fee: $2.00 (adult) / $1.00 (child)

We have never go to the pool at Jurong East since it's too far from our home and it is a long drive for Hubby... but the kids are looking forward to it. Since it is our first visit, we parked our car and entered through the South Entrance.

Climbing up the long flight of stairs and towards the swimming complex entrance.

Denver & Gladys screamed when they saw the pool.. :) Best part of all, they aren't a lot of people too. Is 9:45am too early for play time? ^_^

There are many facilities within the swimming complex to keep us entertain for the next 2-3 hours. It's setting is pretty much similar to Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East. Comparing between the both of them, each has their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of admission price, slide facilities, size etc..

Although Jurong East swimming complex may not have the big bucket of water that splashes down nor the mini slides for smaller children, it has a cheaper admission charges compared to Wild Wild Wet. For a swimming complex with such complete facilities, it is definitely a big plus point and attraction serving the neighbourhood.

Once you enter, you will not miss the 3 big slides (Blue, Pink, Yellow) standing tall which are for those who love speed and excitement. Only Hubby and Denver are game enough to have a go at the shortest yellow slide which doesn't need the float to slide. Hubby said it was too fast and they did not dare to go for another try. :)

Wave pool is one of the main attraction. The man-made waves will be activated once every hour and last for about 15 minutes. The waves are so BIG and strong as though we are in a stormy sea. Hubby and Denver 'venture' out to the deeper ends while Gladys and I stayed at the shallow end. Even so, the waves keep hitting us and pushing us further and further away. Really super powered waves. Gladys was shocked by the wave effect and clinged on tightly to me.

Here comes Lazy River. It goes round the Wave Pool and along the way there are water jets and sprinkles. Before entering, you have to rent a big rubber tube at $3 (Pay $5 for each tube and $2 will be refunded upon return without damage). The only thing is there are no smaller floats fit for the younger kids. The big ring tube seems to be too big for Gladys and she has a harder time resting on it without sliding off through the hole.

Nevertheless, we rented the floats and Hubby pushed Gladys while I hold on to Denver's. We walked round the Lazy River a few rounds and it was a good workout for my legs. :)

Kiddy Fun Station is suited for all children to play. Simple setting and it is a great hide-out for the younger kiddos.

Kiddy Bubble Jet Station is just situated beside the Kiddy Fun Station. The waters are shallower at about 0.35m and this is the perfect, comfort resting zone for Gladys. :) Dipping herself in the waters, playing with the water jets, enjoying and relaxing herself. Shiok oh.

I didn't get a chance to try out the Jacuzzi but I guess the wave pool already gave me too much messaging effect. :p At the other end, there is also a competition pool for the usual swimmers.

After more than 2 hours of water play, we are all very HUNGRY! We are really glad to see there are KFC and Pizzahut counters here. :) It has been a worthwhile trip here and Denver surely enjoyed spending his 7th Birthday at Jurong East Swimming Complex. ^_^

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