Monday, June 14, 2010

~ Jieyang-Chaozhou (揭阳-潮州) - Day 3 (Part 2) ~

Our tour guide says any lake located at the west side of the city is call 西湖. So, China got a lot of west lake. :p 潮州西湖 is basically a small park and a place where oldies come for their morning exercise.

Today we will be staying at 汇侨大酒店. The hotel doesn't look as grand and there are some renovation works going on too.

The rooms however has a modern setting although it seems kinda small. The only complain I have is probably the toilet flooring which is too slippery. Denver even had a slip and fell in the bath area. :( Other than that, the carpeting and interior looks new and refreshing.

View of Chaozhou city from our hotel room.

Father-in-law's tummy has not been feeling good since morning... probably due to the food we ate yesterday that is causing the consistent diarrhea. Bbil took him to find a doctor but only manage to find a Chinese physician after a long search. On the other hand, the children didn't ate much during lunch and has been indulging on the cup noodles which we brought along with us.

While my in-laws are resting in their room, Bbil's family and us venture out to the streets. It was still drizzling (sigh).... and we walked around to see what we'll find. Hubby had a slip and fell, cutting his knee. (nothing serious luckily).

We finally saw a small fast food shop and walk in to buy more food for the kids. Seems to be pretty cheap too!

It's really scary to cross the roads over here... even with the traffic lights, it doesn't help at all. We are at a junction and the traffic just turns green.... to my surprise, the cars can still drive past us even as we are crossing!!! Lesson of the day - always watch both sides before crossing... even when the traffic is green for the pedestrians! The cars doesn't seem to be keen to give way to us at all. So, we really need to judge well, pick a good chance and cross quickly. The adults also have to hold on tightly to their children. Everytime we need to cross a road, the kiddos will complain... "Not Again!"

We walked all the way back to the hotel to rest. I'm starting to get tired with the rainy weather. Body is aching and my sandals are wet.
Dinner is at another resturant and more food... I'm also feeling really fat as the days passed.. nine course Chinese lunch and dinner everyday.

We signed up for the 潮州夜景 tour in the night. Since we'll probably be stuck around the hotel and there's nothing better much to do. hehhe.
It wasn't raining as heavily but there are still some drizzling. Still, we can do without the brolly. The tour bus took us to 潮州金山大桥 for some night shots while my inlaws rest in the bus.

Earlier in the morning, we went to visit 湘子桥, now we are outside the 古城 and took a walk inside. It looked different in the night compared to the day. The ancient walls are brightly lighted (金碧辉煌)and still looked magnificent.

On top of the city walls...

On the city walls, there are markings to indicate the level of flooding in the past years.

湘子桥 in the night.

Next stop is 潮州人民广场 (People's Square).

潮州市人民广场占地面积 12.73公顷。是集市政、休闲、旅游、文化为一体的多功能多层次的大众文化中心。夜幕降临,广场华灯亮起,清泉、流水、喷泉、乐曲,构成了一幅优美绚丽的图画。

Hubby has a craving to taste the fried chicken from the local KFC. Everytime when we travel overseas, we'll make an attempt to try it. So far Hubby loves the one from Thailand best. Since there are not many KFC outlets, our tour guide took us to a nearby shopping mall near 人民广场.

KFC! One of the fewer outlets we saw in Shantou, Jieyang and Guangzhou so far. Final verdict. Still the one in Singapore taste better. :D

Different menu, different taste. But still as good and it's a different treat.

Chaozhou-Shantou - Day 4 (Part 1) to be continued......

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