Saturday, June 19, 2010

~ Fun at Terminal 3 - Changi Airport ~

 CWe have been visiting Terminal 3 @ Changi Airport for the past 2 weeks. First time was dining at Sakae Sushi to celebrate Father's Day and today we came to bring the kids out for some extra fun. :)

There is a latest new addition within Changi Airport and that is Singapore's Tallest Slide @ T3. Since we spent more than $60 at Sakae earlier, hence we are entitled to 4 free tokens of rides!

Terminal 3 (Level 1-Arrival Hall) - *Every $30 spent in a single receipt entitles you to 2 free rides. Valid for redemption with same day receipt only. (First come First serve while token last).

Terminal 3 (Basement 2) - Unlimited Free rides
Denver already got his height measured and he passed the minimal requirement of 1.3m for the 12 metres (4 storey high) slide. ^_^ The lower slide which is about 1 and a half storey high only requires a mimimal height of 1.1 metres. The maximum entry height for both slides must not taller than 2 metres.
Denver didn't 'dare' to try the taller slide on his first trial.. but he tried a few times on the shorter one. Best of all, it's FREE! He only needs to re-queue everytime he finishes his slides.

Another good thing is if the children are not ready to take the taller slide this time round, the tokens can always be kept and use on your next visit. According to the staff at the counter, there is no expiry on the tokens. So, we reserved it on our 2nd visit to T3. ^_^

After gaining more confidence on the lower slide, Denver is READY to go for the Tallest Slide @ T3. ^_^ He'll be joining Daddy! Cheers!

Simple steps : Queue up for your turn, insert the token, push the door to enter, position yourself safely on the slide and down you go. :)

Once you reached the bottom, exit quickly and there is a flight of stairs at the side to go back up to the lower slide. ^_^

Fun for Denver... but Gladys is protesting that she couldn't join in as she didn't meet the minimum height of 110m for the shorter slide. Fear not, there are other activities to keep our little girl occupied! Kid's corner with cartoon programs from CN, woodblock rubbing, mini playground and Zone X is just nearby!

While Denver is busy sliding, Gladys is enjoying herself too.

Zone-X - Common play area for adult and children. Just nice for the whole family to enjoy.

Before heading back home, don't forget to pop by for some kiddy car rides! The Kid’s Fun Ride is located at Terminal 3, Carpark 3A (Basement 2), and opened from 11.00am to 10.00pm daily. Charges for the various rides range from $3 to $8. Depending on the whether you are taking the bigger or smaller cars.

Information taken from Changi Airport webpage.

"Aspiring little drivers can head down to Changi Airport for a day of fun and thrills, as they get to zip around a racetrack in the dream car of their choice!

A huge part of Carpark 3A at Changi’s Terminal 3 has been transformed into a colourful amusement paradise for fun kiddy rides, comprising an exciting assortment of electronic toy vehicles including giant inflatable animal cars, mini luxury sedans, convertibles, jeeps, as well as F1 race cars.

The latest addition to the list of family and kid friendly facilities at Changi Airport, the Kid’s Fun Ride at Terminal 3 offers three different types of kiddy rides with circuits of varying levels of difficulty, to cater to toddlers from as young as two years old, to older kids and even parents. With the circuits area cheerfully decorated with inflatable palm trees, cartoon animal figurines, life-size dollies and even realistic backdrops of Singapore’s skyline, the Kid’s Fun Ride promises children an exciting and entertaining time as they get to be the real masters of the road for once. Aspiring Schumachers will have the opportunity to zip around F1 circuits in motorised race cars, while little girls can choose to cruise along in pink mini Beetles or cute little scooters.

Toddlers too young to ride on their own can hop onto adorable giant animal inflatable cars with their parents. With all the electronic toy vehicles programmed for safe riding, parents can be assured that their kids will have a safe and fun time at the rides. "

The different choices of cars and rides looked tempting and Gladys can't wait to take the ride on the circuit!

So how did she fare on her first test drive? :)

Located within the same area, there is also Carboot sale-cum-flea market on the 3rd weekend of every month! (Carpark 3A - Section 1, Basement 2). We happened to be there at the right time and part of the carpark has been reserved where vendors will display their items for sale. There are clothing, handphone accessories, little toys, jewelries, home decor etc.

Of course not to forget the various restaurants located @ T3 and families can consider spending the evening here for a series of dining, shopping and fun experience.

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