Sunday, March 14, 2010

~ Punggol End Jetty ~

Hubby has been staying in Punggol since he was born and so he has fond memories with the area around here from the older days till now. Earlier, we went to Punggol End after dinner for a little walk. The signboard indicates "Punggol Beach - World War II Site". I understand many innocent people were shot dead by the beach during the Japanese operation. Currently, it has become a fishing spot and where families bring their children to play with the sand. Some simply just come to sit around, watching other people fishes while enjoying the sea breeze.

We saw people brought their own baits and sat by the jetty fishing. Denver wanted to fish too out of curiosity and simply for fun. At the right side of the beach, a couple of children are building their sandcastles with their parents. On the left side, we spotted a man casting his net out to catch fish. We brought the kids down to the beach and saw that he has caught a couple of small crabs. :) He let it go since they are too small and apparently, the man already caught some fishes and a big Grouper earlier! This is definitely not something that the children get to see everyday and they are excited!

Jasper was very brave to pick one of the crab up! :) Apart from the crabs, we also spotted a snake by the sea and Hubby spotted a bird nest under the bridge. It may be a very small beach with dark, dirty waters, there are so many things you can find. So keep your eyes open and be attentive to the surrounding when you visit Punggol Beach next time. :)

Improvement works is currently undergoing to rejuvenate Punggol Beach and it will be expected to complete by 1st Quarter 2011. I'm sure it will be a very different sight once this is complete. For now, just enjoy it's simplicity as it is.


--andy-- said...

one day, we should drive to Gudang , enjoy seafood, or nasi lemak, and look at Punggol from the other end :-)

~ B.P.D.G ~ said...

Eh.. Where is Gudang? Malaysia?

--andy-- said...

yup, Pasir Gudang is 30 min drive from W'land causeway. At Punggol end, look directly across the sea, and you see Gudang.(right island is Ubin)

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