Saturday, February 13, 2010

~ River HongBao 2010 ~

After our Reunion Dinner, my in-laws and us took the MRT and bus down to the River Hongbao 2010 for a walk and experience the CNY atmosphere!

Event Period: 12th Feb. 2010 to 20th Feb. 2010
Opening Hours:Daily: 12:00noon to 11:30pm
CNY Eve (13th Feb. 2010): 12:00noon to 1:00am
Location: The Float @ Marina Bay
Admission is free

The theme for this year is 推“成”促“新”迎虎年. Hence, there are handicrafts, arts and performances from Chengdu. One of the thing we spotted was "糖画" (Sugar Art). It means art made of sugar and you can eat it while enjoying it's beauty. There is also what we called the "Tikam" board where you can spin the wheel and whichever animal it stop at, the lady will make a 糖画 out of it. Denver got the Dragon and Gladys a bird.(but the lady gave her a butterfly instead).

There are many lightings and lanterns there... including the popular 财神爷 (Fortune God), 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, Tiger Mountain, Dragon made of sugar and many others. The children had fun playing with the bubbles.

We stopped to take photos with each of our Chinese Zodiac animals.

There are also stalls along the side displaying Chengdu's handicrafts and souveniors.

Before exiting the River Hongbao, there is also a carnival outside with many fun-filled games and rides. Especially for those brave and daring ones. ^_^
It's nice to bring your family down for a little walk and take some photos to mark the start of a New Year! We got home by 10pm and I stayed up all night to get the stuff ready for tomorrow! Looking forward to welcoming the Year of Tiger! Huat Ah!

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