Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ HortPark ~

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, Off Alexandra Road
Opening Hours: 6 am to 10 pm (Admission is Free)

Today is a Family day out at the HortPark. We planned to do this for quite some time but didn't really have the chance to until now. We packed quite a fair bit of stuff.. drinks, caps, sunglasses, extra clothings etc for this trip and we set off in the morning. (if not, it'll get too HOT in the afternoon) :)

Denver and Gladys are excited as it is their first time here.. (For me too). We are first welcome by the pool of fishes and they can't wait to feed them! - Hubby says they'll have to wait first and we'll do so before leaving.

There are a lot of greeneries and flowers at the Hortpark.. Gladys loves the flowers and plucked one of the small yellow flowers on her way around. Opps!! You are not suppose to do that!

Denver is also very occupied with the photo taking. He used the new camera and started snapping around.. Below are all his Masterpieces. He also helped to take a photo of me, Hubby and Mei mei. :D
There are a lot of walking and the children started to perspire even though today's weather is cooling with only a bit of sun. At one point of time, the children are complaining that they are tired and Gladys need to be carried.
We passed by the Butterfly Garden and there are so many butterflies in the house. Unfortunately it is only open to the public on Saturday and hence we can only peek from outside. Nevertheless, you can still see many butterflies fluttering around the HortPark. :)

Furtherdown, we saw a gardener watering the plants. He showed us a BIG Grasshopper which he has caught that is rarely seen. It was rather big and it is making a lot of sound. It is surely an eye-opener for the children.

We headed back to the entrance and the children finally get to feed the fishes which they have been waiting for so long. :D The fish food is available in the capsule machine nearby. ($1 each of 1 capsule)

After feeding the fishes, we decided to head towards the trail. Just want to get a feel of how is it like walking on the bridge.

Gladys was abit scared when she first step foot on the bridge.. because there are holes on it and I figured she must have felt that it was dangerous and the bridge is not safe..heheh. But after awhile, she overcomes her fear and started walking confidently and even ran on it. :D

Well, we didn't complete the trail as it was getting late and we are tired and hungry!!! Maybe we can focus on the Henderson Waves on our next visit. Families can plan a day trip/picnic at the HortPark but be prepared to walk. Wear light clothings, comfortable shoes, bring your caps, umbrella, sunglasses and drink lots of water as the weather in Singapore is really Hot & Humid. It can be hours of learning if the adults & children can spare some time stop and observe what the park has to offer.

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