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Taiwan Trip Day 9 - Kaohsiung (高雄) | Shaved Ice Dessert (渡船頭海之冰) | The British Consulate at Takow (打狗英国领事馆文化园区)

9 December 2018

Part 3 of Day 9 @ Kaohsiung
1) Shaved Ice Desert 渡船頭海之冰
2) The British Consulate at Takow (打狗英国领事馆文化园区)

4pm - We left Cijin Island and our driver took us to a famous ice-dessert stall in Sizihwan - 西子湾(not far from Gushan Ferry Terminal) -  渡船頭海之冰

You can't miss the bright yellow colour building with a big banner displaying big bowl shaved ice-dessert. The corner shop has garnered a lot of supporters as it was crowded and we took awhile before managing to secure a table for our family.

What's so special about 海之冰 ice dessert? They serve shaved ice dessert with fruits and pudding/ice-cream in HUGE Bowls. Serving in various sizes - from a simple small bowl (x1) to a humongous size of x20! If you have a big group, you may want to take up the challenge to finish the biggest bowl they have in the shop!

The base price for a single serving of dessert starts from NT55. Hence, the price of the bowl depends on the size. Price = Price per unit x size

I was really curious how big the fruity bowl can get and I spotted the staff in the midst of preparing a big bowl of ice dessert topped with lots of fruits and ice-cream! Not sure if this is the legendary x20 size dessert bowl but you definitely need an army to finish this.

We ordered 2 small bowls (Size: x1) to share instead. 

Strawberry with Fruits & Condensed Milk (NT75)

Fruits with Pudding & Condensed Milk (NT75)

Even the smallest bowl fit our tummies. There are a variety of fresh fruits in the bowl and this is a lovely thirst quenching dessert to have on a hot day.

There are actually many stalls around 西子湾. If you are not in a hurry, you can also take some time to explore the surrounding areas.

4:40pm - It was only a short drive from 海之冰 to The British Consulate at Takao (~10 minutes). The 2nd Class Historic Site is a former British Consulate in Gushan District, overlooking Sizihwan bay (西子湾) and Port of Kaohsiung. It is also the oldest remaining mansion of Western heritage in Taiwan.

Brief History
Anping and Danshui ports were opened for foreign trade. However, as the trade volume increased, more ports are required. Jilong (Keelong) and Takow (Currently known as Kaohsiung) were opened as the secondary ports. The British established the consulate to protect its expatriates and commerce and to exercise consular jurisdiction and mediate with local authorities. Robert Swinhoe was the first British vice-consulate appointed in 1861 and the office was moved to Takow in 1864.

Initially based on a ship in Takow port, it was until later the construction of the Consulate building began at Shaochuantou (哨船頭). The residence was on top of a hill overlooking the port while the office was at the foot near the Customs, joint by a connecting trail between the residence and office. The consulate was completed and in service in 1879.

Visitors need to purchase tickets to enter (NT99 for Adult)

As we entered, right in front of the former British Consulate are narrative scenes with lifelike wax figurines depicting Shaochuantou Street View, The hustle and bustle of Shaochuantou Habour and Outing of a Consul's Wife.

"After Takow port was opened, Shaochuantou (哨船頭) gradually became the main district for foreign companies and warehouses. When each country's ships had arrived at the port, they go to the Consulate and the Customs. Thus, besides the Chinese establishment, presence of some ethnic minorities and foreigners were also discernible."

Scene depicting the negotiations between the British consul Gibson and the Ching authority, Circuit Intendants Sian-De Zeng

British medical missionary, Maxwell

Arriving in Takow in 1865, James L, Maxwell was the first British medical missionary to be sent to Taiwan. According to medical reports, eye diseases and Malaria were the most difficult diseases to treat then and Maxwell's treatment record showed that eye diseases stands top of his treatments. To evangelize the people, this type of treatment was publicly demonstrated to patients' families and observers to show the miracle of God. 

From the bottom of the hill, we made our way to the top via the connecting trail made up of stone steps and low walls. 

While I do not like the idea of climbing particularly with my poor stamina, I always looked forward to what lies ahead at the end of the trail.

Spectacular view from the top! Perched on top of a hill, visitors can enjoy a cup of English tea and admire the scenery. I was hoping to look out for a beautiful sunset over Sizihwan bay (西子湾) but luck was not on our side. Nevertheless, we had a gorgeous closer view of the city.

Taking a seat and rest our feet as we overlook the city skyline.

Traditional red bricks and tiles is a significant trademark of the colonial style architecture. 

Many come to enjoy an afternoon tea at Rose House, and gaze at the sea overlooking a romantic sunset. 

We may have missed the sunset view but had a lovely experience. A well - worth cultural and historical site visit in Kaohsiung.

The British Consulate at Takao (打狗英国领事馆文化园区)
Address: No.20, Lianhai Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City

Address: No. 76, Bīnhǎi 1st Road, Gushan District Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804

Part 4 of Day 9 on our next post.

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