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Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - JinGuaShi (金瓜石) + Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布) -Yinyang Sea (阴阳海)

JinGuaShi - a beautiful mining coastal town formally famous for mining gold and copper. We arrived at the Gold Ecological Park at about 2 plus in the afternoon after visiting Jiufen and Shifen. Time is a little short but we try to walk around to explore the most part of the area.

We gave the Museum of Gold a miss but it will be a great place to go if you like to learn more about the mining history, its mining equipment plus touch the famous gold ingot. 

Guide Map

Overview of 基隆山 (鸡笼山). From sea level, it looks like a chicken cage. However from JinGuaShi, it looks like a pregnant women lying down hence also known as 大肚美人山.

The children trying to visualize the view of the pregnant woman. 

Another interesting find is the Mine worker's Lunch Box. Served in a stainless steel container, filled with rice, meat and vegetable, you get to keep the pair of chopsticks and the handkerchief (imprinted with JinGuaShi map) used to wrap the lunch box.

Stopping by the Crown Prince Chalet (太子賓館) which is open to public for viewing. Unfortunately, we cannot enter and thus can only view the interior from afar.

Another interesting activity is the DIY activities available at the Gold Mine Square. We got the children to go for the Gold Panning experience using the traditional tools. You also get to keep the gold speckles in a small bottle as souvenir after the activity. Gladys thought that she is rich with her small gold pieces

It is a pity that we did not get to go for the Benshan No.5 Tunnel... where you can experience and learn more about the mining and its history. Instead, we walked through another small old mining tunnel that is now for tourist to visit.

We hopped onto the vehicle and our driver took us closer to the coastal. The sky is clear and we have a nice view of Yinyang sea.

Stopping by at the Golden Waterfall. Water is clear and a distinct contrast against the brown rocks.

There is no gold at this waterfall but the name reflects the golden appearance which is caused by the regular rainfall and abundance of heavy metal elements deposited in the riverbed.

From Golden Waterfall, we proceeded further down to have a closer look at Yinyang Sea.

While sea water is generally blue, the waters at Shui Nan Dong is a mix of yellow and blue - hence the name Yinyang Sea (阴阳海). The unique and magnificent view of the shoreline is actually due to the massive pyrite contained in Jinguashi mine, accompanied with the plenty of rain. When ground water from the mountains passes the pyrite lode, chemical action causes the formation of golden yellow sour ore water with the iron ion. These sour ore water flows through the Golden Waterfall and eventually pours into Shui Nan Dong bay, hence the formation of the yellow blue sea water which appears like a contrast between masculine and feminine elements.

Loving the sea and mountains.

If we have more time, putting some time aside to hike will be one great option too.

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Visited in Nov 2016

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