Wednesday, June 7, 2017

[SG] Exploring Singapore @ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Following our family walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens, our next stop was Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This was our first visit after the nature reserve was reopened in 2016. Having undergone two years of restoration and enhancement works, the trails are now safer for the public.

There are a few routes that you can embark on (from easy to difficult level). Check out the map before making your way into the nature reserve. 

A peak into the Battle for Bukit Timah during the Japanese Occupation. 

The starting point of our walk - still very energetic prior to climbing the STEEP slope!

Follow the South View Path for a moderate route. 

Even though it was only a few hundred meters up the slope, my knees nearly gave way and I was drenched in perspiration. A very good work out if we are able to come by often. If we can concur the slope easily, I believe we will be able to take on more walks with ease in the future.

I was pretty exhausted after struggling my way to get to the flat land. The children did way much better than me and I was glad that Denver kept me company along the way. We spotted an interesting log and I applaud the creator who gave it a creative touch, transforming the dull-looking piece of wood to an art that pricked our funny bones.

Our walk continued and we reached the foot of the summit step. Taking the stairs up get you to the top faster. However, with my wobbling knee, we took on the main road instead. A slightly longer walk but it was easier for my feet.

We took about 30 minutes to reach the summit from where we started.

Look who came out to welcome us!

Time for FUN shots! Objective - to leap above the summit stone. (PS: I was excused since I am the photographer ^_^)

"Don't leap for the landing. Leap for the experience through the air."

Which one is your favourite leap shot?

On our way down, we found this very interesting red petal on the ground with black seeds within. Could not clearly identify its name despite trying to google for it. The closest match I could find was Sterculia quadrifida (STERCULIACEAE) Peanut Tree.

Barely a few meters ahead, we spotted another weird looking fungus on the ground. According to Wikipedia, this is called netted stinkhorn or wood witch. It has a greenish-brown bell-shaped cap with its cylindrical stalk white. When mature, the cap becomes sticky with a slimy green coating that attracts flies that disperse its spores and it has a distinct "netted" veil.

Did not expect our walk to be so fruitful. Good to keep our eyes open and look around the nature, else we could have easily missed these beauties. 

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
Address: Hindhede Dr, Singapore 589318
Opening Hours: 7am to 7pm daily


Michelle of "The Chill Mom" said...

It's good to know that the kids enjoyed reconnecting to nature and discovering new things, living or not. Hoping to see the beautiful scenery soon with my kids!

Anonymous said...

Cool Walk! I mean Hot walk... lol. Intriguing to see your nature photos! Yes, the walk up is tedious but rewarding! : ) A;ways great to enjoy nature and keeping fit!

Phoebe said...

Really enjoy seeing the green then having the kids hogging onto the phones. Am sure you will get to go for many more scenic walks with your kiddos soon!

Phoebe said...

Sometimes I hope Singapore is not as humid :) Yes.. it was really HOT but quite nice to exercise and feel that I did some work out for the morning

--andy-- said...

We have not explore the reopened trails yet, there are many "hidden" paths. Try Chestnut :)

cheers, Andy

KarMie's blog said...

Great to see that the whole family is into exploring nature. U guys are always out n about!!! Must be tiring but Great job...

Jamie Chaw

Pooja Kawatra said...

We have been to Bukit Timah but not explored everything there. It is a great way for kids to learn.

Young Smarties said...

We have been trying out different paths and is always fun! Been there so many times didn't spot the red petal on the ground with black seeds. Going to hunt for it during our next trip ;)

Shub said...

I remember having a nice close to nature picnic at this place. Indeed, must visit place with kids!

Ai Sakura said...

I went there for the first time a few months ago.. a really good place to trek and exercise! Wouldn't want to get lost inside though haha..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Phoebe said...

I need to train my stamina before we go again. Am tempted to try the other route!

Phoebe said...

We do try to go outdoors more often than staying in the house with the kids on the gadgets. :) Better for the eyes too!

Phoebe said...

Its our first ever since Bukit Timah reopens. There are many more routes we have yet to explore. Will do so next time!

Phoebe said...

I think we were lucky to spot the red petal seed and mushroom. Have to keep our eyes sharp on the ground and in the sky. We might find something interesting.

Phoebe said...

We keep to the track... I hope we won't get lost by not straying off the path. :D

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