Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - Daxi Old Street (大溪老街)

From Xiaowulai Skywalk, we hopped on 台湾好行 (Xiaowulai Route) shuttle bus and continued our journey to Daxi Old Street (大溪老街).

Xiaowulai Route runs only on the weekends and it takes you to various places of interest in Taoyuan. We stayed in Audi Garden Business Hotel which is pretty near to Taoyuan Station, hence it is very convenient for our family to travel on our own without feeling lost. Here's a glimpse of the route.

[Xiaowulai Skywalk (小烏來天空步道) => Jiaobanshan Residence (角板山行館) => Daxi Tea Factory (大溪老茶廠) => Fortune Temple (財神廟) => Old Baiji Tunnel (舊百吉隧道) => Cihu(慈湖) => Daxi Mausoleum (大溪陵寢) => Daxi Old Street (大溪老街) => Heping Old Street (和平老街) => Indigenous Culture Center (原住民文化會館) => Kimlan Soy Sauce Museum (金蘭醬油博物館) => Republic of Chocolate (巧克力共和國) => Danan (大湳) => Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station (桃客桃園總站)]

Daxi Old Street is one of the famous old street in Taiwan. Popular delicacies include Dried Tofu, Peanut Caramel Candy and Tofu Pudding. (Unfortunately, we did not try any of them.) With the increased population and boom trade in camphor and tea, Daxi Old Street was constructed as a shortcut for workers to transport goods to the river. Now, it is a renowned street which attract locals and tourists to take a walk through the historical street to experience its rich culture and Daxi's local specialties.

Daxi Old Street stretches from Zhongshan Road to Heping Road. We began our walk here!

Walking along Daxi Old Street, I was mesmerized by the Baroque style architecture. Interestingly, the facade has a good fuse of the East (Chinese & Japanese) and West (Europe).

Furen Temple - one of the largest in Daxi, home to local gods of Hakka, Teochew and Quanzhou.

Hubby bought some Ai Yu back home. :) 

The first local street food we tried in Taiwan is spring roll wrap with peanut candy, ice-cream and coriander. Crunchy from the peanut, sweet and creamy from the ice-cream and a nice aroma from the coriander. A creative and delicious combination.

Another local food street not to be missed is 甜不辣 and 蚵仔麵線 (Oh-Ah Mee Sua)

We spotted a stall selling salted eggs and preserved eggs and bought a couple back to the hotel. It was definitely a wise decision as the eggs were prefect to go with porridge for breakfast the following day!

Looks delicious!

Apart from sampling the local delicacies, it is also very scenic to walk along the streets and enjoy the view of the Dahan River (大漢溪). Nearby, there is also a park where many locals rest and relax.

We enjoyed our trip to Daxi Old Street and it is worth the trip down particularly if you are into photography and food.

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Thanks for are making me miss Taiwan again!

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Wow wow wow, beautiful photos showing how much fun you all had. Awesome!

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those street food look so delicious!!!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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Reading your travelogue makes me miss Taiwan again! The lovely architecture, food and omg those crowded lao jie!

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