Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Giveaway - Singapore's First-ever 10 minutes Escape Room Missions @ U Escape


What can you do in 10 minutes?

Sometimes we arrive a little too early for our appointment, yet we can only wait. How about spending that 10 minutes at Singapore's FIRST INTENSE Escape Room mission!?

U Escape, Singapore's newest Escape Room in town has launched their first-ever ten-minute Escape Room missions for those who are looking for some quick thrills and proof of their mental prowess! This is also a good opportunity for first-timers who may want to get a feel of Escape Rooms before they commit an entire hour of fun!

We recalled how much we enjoyed our 60 minutes escape room mission at U Escape as we ran against time, counting down from minutes and seconds! I can imagine how nerve-wrecking it will be to solve the riddles and escape in 10 minutes!

(Credit image source: U Escape)

Priced at $6 per person, Five types of mission. 1 to 3 players per team for each mission.  

Mission 1: Operation Firefly 
(Our inside man has got some really important information, code named Firefly. Your mission is to bring Firefly back within the 10 minutes window)

Mission 2: Hit List
(One of our agents, code named The Skull, was killed in the enemy territory. It is believed he was a double agent working for both sides. His loyalties were unknown. Retrieve The Skull's Hit List diary, a notebook believe to contain the names of people he was tasked to assassinate, before the enemy gets their hands on it!)

Mission 3: Hell's Gate
(There are ORBS code named "Hell's Gate". ORBS is believed to be an unknown technology able to open a gateway to another dimension. We cannot let the enemy have this. Find and secure all four ORBS!

Mission 4: King Solo
(There is a key that will open the gates to King Solomon's Treasures, which we have found to be located in the Szechuan area in China. Find the key and bring it back to mission control)

Mission 5: Raven's Tale
(We believe the enemy will be instigating an attack on our lands. We can get you into the heart of the territory where we believe the plans re stored in a SAFE. You have 10 minutes to find it, remember everything and get out of there!)

Keen to try out the missions? It only takes 10 minutes! Make your way down to U Escape at Plaza Singapura if you still have some time while waiting for a movie hall to open, waiting for a friend or simply just wish to have some fun!

U Escape
Address: Plaza Singapura, #07-08A, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839


Good News! We have 5 pairs of tickets (valid till 30 October 2016) for you to try out an INTENSE mission at U Escape so that you will know where to go the next time you get stuck waiting at Plaza Singapura. Be one of the 5 Lucky Winners for this Giveaway! Each winner will receive a pair of tickets.

To stand a chance, simply
1) Like BPDGTravels Facebook page
2) Like U Escape Facebook page
3) Leave your name and email address on BPDGTravels Fanpage Entry or on this blog post "Comments" section. Share with us which mission you will like to take on!

Leave me a message once you have done for the above on our blog post. 

* Giveaway ends Friday, 7th October 2016, 2359hrs (Singapore time)
* Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Saturday, 8 October 2016 (Singapore time) on BPDGTravels fanpage and via email.


Thank you for your participation. 5 lucky winners have been drawn!

1) Tan Wei Han Darren
2) Kamala Siddhannan
3) Keisha Lee
4) Casmine Yeo
5) May You

Congratulations for winning a pair of tickets to experience 10 minutes of Intense Mission at U Escape! You will be notified on how you can collect your prizes. ^_^ 


Anonymous said...

Done liked both!!
Keisha Lee (aaaaphroditeeee at gmail. Com)
I'd like to try Hell's Gate with my team.
I'm a big fan of escape rooms and have raided more than 20 rooms ;)
Hope to try this one as I haven't tried it before

Syasya said...

Liked both FB pages!
Name: Noorsyahidah
FB: Ajeek syasya
Mission: Hell's gate!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the giveaway!
My name is Daria Novoseltseva,
I am really looking forward to try myself at Hell's gate)

Celine - HungryMonster said...

Thank you for the giveaway! 😊

Name: Celine Tan

Mission: Hell's Gate.

Maria Victoria Galang said...

Liked both pages :-)
Name: Maria Victoria Galang
Mission: Hell's Gate

Jovia said...

I'll like to embark on Mission 4: King Solo, it sounds interesting like I'm on an expedition for a treasure hunt!
Name: Josephine Tan

Anonymous said...

All done with much thanks!!
Name: Andy Neo
FB: Andy Neo
Mission: Hell's gate!

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