Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mini Kuso Trick Art - First in Johor Bahru

Have you visited the Alive Museum Singapore (Suntec City) or the Trick Eye Museum (Resorts World Sentosa)? We had a fun-filled experience at the Alive Museum Singapore where we took many wacky and fun shots then. Hence, when we were planning for our vacation across the border, we were thrilled to learn that there is a 3D Trick Art gallery in Johor Bahru!

Mini Kuso Trick Art (KUSO迷你错觉艺术馆) - the FIRST and only (*to date) 3D gallery is hidden within the quiet streets of Taman Mount Austin. Comprises of 5 different theme (Be Funny, Excitement Scene, Horror Room, Romantic Love and Sweet Moment), Kuso aims to bring hours of ultimate fun entertainment to their visitors with their 3D paintings and interactive sessions.

Do keep a good lookout of the banner along the shophouses as it is not very prominent (particularly for first time visitors). Kuso Trick Art is located on the top floor of the 3 storey tall shop lot. Initially we were confused if we arrived at the right destination as the shop front is a Home Deco shop selling selling kitchen and sanitary ware! Hmmm.. Is that suppose to be a Trick Art too? :)

Prior to entering, we have to remove our footwear and place it outside the shop. We would suggest visitors to bring along a pair of socks (unless you do not mind walking around bare footed). Walking through the shop, we were directed to the stairways to Kuso!

Kuso Trick Art - Ticketing Price

Compared to the ones in Singapore, it is of a smaller scale over here. Since it was a weekday, there was no crowd and our group was the first to arrive. Upon purchasing the tickets, we sat down, watched a video and had a 10 minutes briefing by the staff where he guided us on the gallery and shared tips when we are taking photos with the 3D paintings. Visitors are encouraged to use the props and magnetic boards to fit to the different theme and settings in the gallery. I do appreciate the personal touch and service given so that we will not feel lost. 

Let the FUN begins! I adore Gladys' expression whenever she poses. Always so rich and creative.

Friends from Monsters Inc are also here to join in the fun but look who is stopping them!?

What's so FUNNY?

This one is Soooo Interesting! The kids LOVE to play with the magnetic boards filled with different types of wordings. It adds flavour and humour to our pictures!

Hmmm.. Now then you know???

This is so FUNNY! Denver picked his "crime" for his entry to Jail!

"I'm so sorry Mommy.... I'll study hard!!"

Just because your face is BIGGER doesn't means you are LOUDER!

After having fun... Now it is time for some EXCITEMENT!

WAIT!!! I am not a piece of CHEESE!

Why are there so many knives here? 

How DARE you to steal my eggs!

Steeeeep climb...

KIDS! No FIGHTING in the house!

 WoW! Daddy is SO STRONG!

Children.. do not try this at home. :)

Moving on into the HORROR ROOM... you get a chance to be "Headless" and creeepy...

LOVE is in the air at KUSO! Show your ROMANTIC LOVE to that significant other. See how happy Gladys was!

While this is supposed to be a romantic scene, Denver decided to be the "knight in amour" by holding a sword. His expression seems so gutsy yet vulnerable.

Capture that special SWEET MOMENT

Eh.. Why is the Monkey helping us to take pictures?

We had a great time at Kuso Trick Art spending the entire morning posing. It was value for money (~SGD 8 per pax) and we had heaps of fun. Although it was tiring and bone breaking but we are happy to bring back with us lots of family moments. :)

Check out more photos on BPDGTravels facebook page.

Address : 83 & 85 Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
GPS : 1.550728, 103.785274

Adult : RM20
Senior Citizen : RM15 (Above 60 years old)
Child : RM20 (Free entry if the child's height is below 110cm)

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am - 8pm (Last entry: 7pm)
Friday to Saturday: 11am - 9pm (Last entry: 8pm)


Unknown said...

These 'Trick Art' museums seem to be popping up everywhere!

Unknown said...

Wow, thank for sharing! We used to go JB quite often, even went Mount Austin to chill out at one of the cafes before shopping at AEON, but never knew this place existed. I love trick art museums. Will check this out when I have the chance!

Jiahui said...

ohhh this is really something new! I never even knew JB had such a museum and so hidden up the shop houses! We must go check this place out soon, esp when it's so cheap now! heheeh

Waiwai Leung said...

The effect is nice! Lol on the "urine is salty" photo!

Waiwai Leung said...

The effect is nice! Lol on the "urine is salty" photo!

Unknown said...

The kids posed v well for the 3D photos, looks like a nice place to visit! :D

--andy-- said...

The worst thing with TrickArt is crowd, and photobombs :p
Really need to go during off-peak.

Love the Eagle (so vivid!) and Monsters door.

cheers, Andy

Phoebe said...

Yes. It is a trend :)

Phoebe said...

We were lucky that we were early and there was no crowd :) Next time you can bring your kiddos there

Phoebe said...

hahaha.. Thanks! I thought its funny too

Phoebe said...

Although the place is a little small, we spent the morning there . Quite a nice place to bring kids along and have some fun

Phoebe said...

Look forward to your photos too. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun posing!

Phoebe said...

Oh yes! Aeon shopping mall that is big! :) This was one of our stop over and it was a good choice to spend the day in Mount Austin.

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