Tuesday, May 13, 2014

~ Fantastic 21st Birthday Preparation ~

I love birthday parties. Maybe it's because I never had one myself and hence I love to be part of the celebration. When I was tasked to help Eileen (hubby's god-sister) with her 21st birthday party, I gladly accepted it with lots of anticipation. It was the first time I am planning and doing up such a big-scale decoration, fitting to her preferred theme and within my capabilities, time and budget constrains.

The task turns out to be harder than I thought as our birthday girl is turning 21 in 2 weeks and I realised a lot of decorations available off the shelf were too kiddy. After much pondering, I decided to DIY and personalised the decorations. Fixing up an item list helps and I was able to conceptualize better.

~ Photo Wall ~
~ Birthday Card ~
~ Helium Balloons ~
~ Birthday Banner ~
~ DIY Decorations ~
~ Accessories ~

A birthday party is never complete without balloons and it is best to let the professionals handle the job. After searching through the websites and comparing the prices, we decided to go for the balloon packages from KidzPartyStore - a one stop resource with lots of party supplies and balloons suitable for party decorations.

Theme : Floral
Balloon Colour theme : Purple, Pink, Blue and White
Location : PA Holiday Bungalow

Balloon package : ~ $300
DIY cost : ~ $70
(Crepe papers, accessories, stationary, cardboard, 30 balloons)

The colours of the balloons were chosen by our birthday girl and my task is to match these colours to fit her floral theme.

~ DIY Birthday Card ~
My first inspiration was to doodle a special birthday card for her friends to leave their birthday wishes. Unfortunately, the card turns out to be so pretty that none of them wanted to sign on it. :(

~ DIY Photo Wall ~
Every birthday party needs to have that special spot for photo-taking. A lovely backdrop is essential to enhance and liven those memorable moments captured with your family and friends. After much pondering, I decided to use crepe papers to transform a piece of dull-looking wall into a sweet photo wall backdrop. Using the colourful crepe papers, we made a lot of pom pom balls that looks like flowers as decorations. It was a pity we were not able to make more due to time and manpower constraints.

Photo wall slowly taking it's shape.

It is always good to be prepared. Buying extra sets of materials and balloons helps as they always comes in handy. The next morning, the children gathered around and help to blow the balloons! Who says decoration is only hard work and no fun? Denver and Gladys were pretty excited to help.

The Photo Wall is READY!

I am so glad that everything turns out fine and our birthday girl is so happy!

~ DIY Streamers - Front entrance ~
Apart from pom pom balls, we can also make streamers using crepe papers. They make perfect decorations at the front entrance to welcome the guests.

~ Birthday Banner and Balloons ~
The helium balloons and banner arrived just in time and our final task was to put them altogether at the right place to brighten up the entire party room.


I was totally thrilled and satisfied with the hard work everyone put in to make Eileen's 21st birthday a sweet and memorable one. It was my first attempt doing decorative work for a party and I'm delighted with the final outlook. Every corner seems like a perfect photo spot. :)

It was encouraging to receive compliments and see the guests taking pictures at the photo wall. I feel so proud of myself for a good job well done. *giving myself a nice pat on the shoulder.

While it is not an easy task to plan for a birthday party, the process is sweet and fun!

Happy Fantastic 21 ~ Eileen

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