Friday, September 13, 2013

~ Sponsored Review - Eyelet Junior and Zeiss MyoVision ~

Denver and Gladys starting wearing glasses at a rather young age. This seems to be a rising trend in Singapore with more children hooking onto computers, mobile devices and TV programmes. While Denver had his first pair at Primary 3, Gladys started to develop long-sightedness at K2. From then on, it was a journey of choosing the right eyewear for our kiddos.

Within a year, we have changed 3 pair of glasses for our little girl. What was the problem? The spectacle frame keeps sliding off from her nose bridge. As a result, Gladys is not looking through the lens most of the time. Persistent nagging at our little girl to push up the frame does not help.

Special Thanks to Nanyang Optical, Denver and Gladys get to have their free eye-check and try out the Eyelet Junior eyewear! I love their tagline - "stable on your face" and am looking forward to see how this will solve our problem.

While waiting for the kids to complete their vision check, I was busy 'shopping' for their frames. :) The colour of Eyelet Junior are very vibrant. Whether it is hot pink, studious black, crystal blue or funky orange, there's definitely one that our kiddos will love. The design of the spectacles are pretty stylish too.
I love the light-weight of the frames and how the springy effect on the temple secures and fits nicely on Denver & Gladys' face. According to Adam (our friendly, experience optician from Nanyang Optical), Eyelet Junior is suitable for active children and their frames are constructed with a single piece of stainless steel without any joints or soldering. This is what makes the frame sturdy. It is also the world's first stitch-locked eyewear that uses nylon-string to replace the conventional screw and hinges to secure the frame-front to the temples, giving the frames more flexibility and durability. Sounds really cool!

Denver has a preference for black and it wasn't too hard for him to select his desired choice. Gladys on the other hand had a harder time picking her glasses. She has outgrown her love for pink and struggling between more mature colours!
 "Hmmm... I look cute in Red but cool in Black."
 "Which one should I pick?".. Not able to make a final decision, she began to leave it to her "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe". :) Final verdict - Studious black!     

Adam is very professional and patient with our children, spending time understanding their vision history before giving his suggestions and recommendations. 

He also sat down with us explaining the benefits of Zeiss MyoVision lens which helps to reduce myopia progression by an average of 30%.

Myopia is where the image of a distant object is focused in front of the retina, resulting in blurred distance vision. This is mostly a result of the elongation of the eyeball. The conventional, flat-form lens corrects for central vision, but contributes to a deterioration of the peripheral image projection.

MyoVision corrects the central vision, but also moves the peripheral image onto, or in front of the retina. This helps to send a 'stop' signal to the eye to manage eye elongation and prevents deterioration.

According to Adam, children wearing MyoVision lens will notice their central vision will be clear but peripheral vision will be slightly blurred. This will actually guide and train the child to look through the lens from the center. We thought this is particularly helpful for Denver as he loves to read lying on his bed. Moving forward, this could be a good preventive measure and to promote better eyecare habits.

The children are looking forward to collect their new pair of glasses. More updates and review on how Eyelet Junior and MyoVision lens works out for Denver & Gladys.

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