Monday, July 1, 2013

~ Flight of Fancy @ The Cloud Forest ~

Stepping into the Cloud Forest is heavenly with the world's tallest indoor waterfall standing before us. The kids wowed as they did not expect to see this sight. I'm pretty sure they will dash into the falls if it was not blocked by the railings.

The waters created a misty look and it was so cooling to stand by the falls - a perfect spot to spend the hot afternoon inside the cool observatory.

Inside the Cloud Forest - It has a totally different look and feel compared to the Flower Dome. 

Do take your time to observe the various plants and floral display as you walk through the Cloud Forest.

Map and walking route of the Cloud Forest

We began our trail by taking the lift up to level 6

Climbed a level up to reach the Lost World - the highest point of the Cloud Mountain.

From the top, we get a good aerial view of the canopy and mountainside beneath.

Gladys was admiring the planted walls while Denver enjoyed the view from the waterfall platform. 

Taking on the Cloud Walk - view from interior or through the glass panels within the Cloud Forest is beautiful.

We descended further to the Crystal Mountain and amused ourselves by taking a picture of our family from the reflection of the mirror.
The Cloud Mountain

Walking out from the tree top walk, we headed to visit the Earth Check Lab and +5 Degree exhibition. Really love the video presentation on what effects global warming has on our mother Earth if the temperature has rise by an average of 5 degrees. It is interactive and sends a signal to everyone to do our part to protect and conserve our planet.

We ended our journey with Secret Garden as our final stop. I like the way the trail was being designed to bring us through the various levels, each with a unique theme. We get to learn the biodiversity and geology of the Cloud Forest, beginning from the top of the 'mountain' as we slowly make our way down via a circular path. Would love to be back again with the children to spend some family time together and at the same time embark ourselves on a learning journey.

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