Sunday, February 17, 2013

~ Our collection of CNY activities - Prelude ~

Chinese New Year is an important festival for Chinese and holds a very significant meaning to our family. It is a time where families and friends get together, a time where we share laughter, happy moments, a time to feast and celebrate, and a time where we pray and hope for a better year.

To me, the celebration begins as soon as we prepare to spring clean, decorate our home and buying new clothing for the children. No doubt it encompass a lot of work but the process is enjoyable and satisfying.

We started our celebration officially on CNY Eve. By then, our storeroom will be stocked up with drinks and goodies and we have our red packets ready.

Reunion dinner (团年饭) is the special moment where family members come back, gather around the table and enjoy a meal together. Our "appetizer for the day" is 鱼生. Adult and children will hold on to their chopsticks and standby for a round of Prosperity Toss (aka Lo Hei - Cantonese means 捞起). This is to signify abundance, prosperity and good health.

After a good toss, here comes the main course! Traditionally, we have been having Steamboat with a sumptuous spread of food for our reunion dinner. This also marks the start of feasting for the next few days. :)

The night is always young on CNY eve. Some families prefer to stay at home watching TV programmes while others like to go to River Hongbao or Chinatown to immerse in the festive mood. Massive crowd can be seen at Chinatown and markets. Shopkeepers are clearing their new year stock and people are doing their final shopping, grabbing stuff at discounted price.

Every year, we will stay up till past midnight to 守岁. It is an act of filial piety and belief that this will bring longevity to parents. This year, Denver & Gladys also follow suit and stayed up with us. How did they made it? TV programmes and movies helped a lot! ^_^ 

We have less than 6 hours of sleep before we begin with our rounds of CNY visitings. :)

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