Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~ NEW Crizal UV Lens - Ultra Protection against UV ~

It is the start of a New Year and I got myself a new pair of spectacles! My current pair of glasses has been serving me well for the past 2 years but there are scratches on the lens and the coat on the frame is beginning to fade off. It is time to give myself a refreshing new look for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

I have read many good reviews about the Crizal lens with its complete protection for your eyes, combating against the 5 enemies of vision (Reflection, scratches, smudges, dust and water drops) and am definitely delighted to be able to try out the NEW Crizal UV Lens by Essilor which provides an addition front and back UV protection and improved scratch resistance which enhances the clarity of vision further! 

We know that ultraviolet (UV) rays is harmful to our skin but do you know that it is also equally harmful to our eyes, accelerating eye aging and the apperance of cataracts. Crizal UV lenses are equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 25, meaning the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV than without any lens. Most of the eyewear lenses are able to block harmful UV light from the front but the new Crizal UV coating minimises visible and UV reflection from the back, providing 360 degree UV protection against harmful UV rays that assault eyes from the front and the back. Sounds really interesting!

I headed down to the nearest Capitol Optical shop to hunt for a nice frame and there was an on-going frame+lenses package during the festive period. Too bad I could not get a further waiver on top of the existing discount for the frames. :)

Personally, I have a special liking for Charmant as I find their frames trendy, light and durable. I did not hesitate expressing my requirements to the salesman upon entering the shop which saved a lot of time.

I waited for about 2 weeks before I got a call from Capitol Optical that my new spectacles is ready for collection!

I LOVE my new spectacles! The frame is so light and the lens are so CLEAR!

Comparing my new and old pair of glasses. The Crizal lens is very much thinner even though there are no changes to my degree.

I have been wearing my new glasses for a few days now, exposing it to the heat during the day. The sun has been scorching hot since Sunday but I do not feel too much discomfort on the eyes. I love the clarity, lightness and transparency of the Crizal lens.  Hopefully this will continue to give me the total protection of my vision.

Disclosure: Complimentary Crizal UV lens are sponsored and frames are not included. All comments and opinions are personal.  

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