Friday, April 6, 2012

~ Easter Fun @ Forest Adventure - Part 1 ~

It's Easter Holiday and we were at the Forest Adventure this morning to have some FUN and EXCITEMENT! Located within Bedok Reservoir Park, the Forest Adventure is an aerial course built through the trees, comprises of ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and giant zip lines. The series of obstacle courses not only challenge your balance and agility but also your courage and confidence!

We were blessed with a good, sunny weather and Denver & Gladys were ready to take on the challenge! They took on the Forest Adventure Mobile Course last year but this is nothing compared to the REAL thing!

To participate in the Kid's course, they need to adhered to the height limit. Denver just hit the limit and Gladys also passed her height check. ^_^

Kids Course: Minimum height: 1.10m – Maximum height: 1.45m

Check out the Forest Adventure Course Map! Apart from Kids Course, there is also the Grand Course with 34 obstacles (including 4 giant zip lines), 6-8m above ground and takes about 2.5 hours to complete!

Let's take a sneak peak on how the Kids Course looks like!

The Kids Course, comprises of 16 stages (including a 67m zipline) is about 4m above ground. Instructors will be around to guide the children but they will not be dedicated to individual child. Parents play an important role to guide and encourage their child from the ground. :)

At Forest Adventure, safety is utmost importance. The instructors are helping Denver and Gladys to put on the safety harness and helmet.

Our Forest Adventurers are READY! It takes lots of courage and Mommy is proud of them!

It's a public holiday and there are a lot of children participating in the course today. Denver and Gladys watched from below while waiting for their turns to start their obstacle course. The anxiety and excitment is building up!

The first batch of children have set off! Now its their turns! Stage 1 - Climb up the stairs!

Here we go!

Here did our little ones fair on the Kids Course? Stay tune for Part 2 of the Forest Adventure!!

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