Saturday, September 3, 2011

~ Voyage Night Festival 2011 @ Singapore Arts Museum ~

The Voyage Night Festival 2011 is going into it's 2nd and final weekend. I was intrigue by the Night Lights installations published on the brochures and didn't regret dropping by the Singapore Arts Museum (Free Admissions) with the family yesterday night.

Even though it was already 9pm, it didn't failed to attract the tourists and enthusiastic crowd to gather and enjoy themselves with the spectucular showcase of lights installations, music, programs and exhibits.

The first installation that welcomed us was "The Cloud" projected on the building. From a little electrical cloud, it slowlys expand and grow.

$1 Popcorn for our kiddos.

The Lyrical Perspective was our favourite! Denver and Gladys joined in the queue to make SAM comes ALIVE! Sound effects from their voices and the combination of the lights creates a visual effect on the museum. Seeing is Believing!

It's not an Angry Bird but an Angry robotic face that changes with the projection of your voice. COOL!

See how SAM gets 'distorted'.. Looks Ghostly :)

A must-watch music, lights and visual effect performance!

Stepping into the SAM, we headed to the courtyard to see the "Jellyfish" look alike. :) Gladys thinks it is scary as they look like floating jellyfish ghosts. :) I thought it was pretty neat and it would be even more interesting to see them really float around the courtyard.

Taking a family photo in the Glass Hall. :)

There are various art exhibits within the SAM and you have to open your eyes to keep a look out of the interesting artifacts around the museum. :)

Gladys won't miss any chance on getting herself a free balloon (despite the long queue) and having her lovely hand painted with glitter! While waiting, Denver gets to watch a video within the museum which all of us have missed.

The night is getting late and we did not managed to go through all the other light installations at the National Musuem and SMU plus the other programmes and exhibits. It was a pity but we did have fun and it has been an eye-opening experience for all of us. Looking forward to the Night Festival next year for more excitement and art exposure!

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