Sunday, January 17, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 3 - Ostrich Farm Jun 2004 ~

Date: 12th June 2004
Location: Malaysia (Ostrich Farm)

Hubby, his colleague Jimmy and I drove up to visit the Kota Tinggi's Ostrich Farm almost 6 years ago. Denver did not tag along as he was only 11th month old that time. Part of Hubby's intention was also to familiarize with the area on our own first before taking the family along next time. (That time no GPS mah.)

It was a short drive up from Singapore and we finally found our way to the Ostrich Farm. It wasn't very big but very entertaining.

We get to hold the big ostrich egg where an adult can stand on the egg without breaking it. There are also many small ostrich chicks separated according to the number of weeks old. A 1 day old chick already looks quite big.

It's feeding time and Hubby gets to feed one of the ostrich too! The good thing is there are not many visitors when we arrived. So the owner/caretaker was able to explain and spend more time with us.

Before exiting the farm, there are many display of the various Ostrich products. Ostrich's eggs are crafted into beautiful lights. You can also buy the egg and bring home to cook and eat. ^_^ It's feather is made into dusters or souveniors and many others.

It has been an educational and wonderful experience that I believe the family will enjoy.

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