Sunday, December 21, 2008

~ Marina Barrage ~

It was our first visit to the Marina Barrage - Singapore's 15th reservoir in the heart of the city since it's official opening on 1st Nov 2008 . :) I was really tired and all of us slept in the car (except for hubby who drove). By the time I am awake, we are nearly there. :) We went to view the interior exhibition (didn't get to see Water Wally though) and went up to the Green Roof. It was windy and the weather was really cooling! You can see people flying kites and enjoying the great scenery and view of the city! Denver and Gladys ran on the open field while I kept myself busy taking photos. :)

It is indeed very relaxing and you can sit down have a picnic, rest and sleep. Basically just laze around if the sun is not too hot. We can see the aeroplanes and birds flew pass in the sky. Beneath are some water fountains where there are children playing with the water. As we didn't bring an extra set of clothings for Denver, he cannot afford getting his clothes wet. Hence, we only allow him to walk in the waters. Maybe next time we'll bring them here to play again. :D Gladys love it too!

The Marina Bridge

Marina Barrage looks superd and I wonder how it will be like in the night. :) It definitely looks like a great spot to see fireworks during NDP or other ceremonies. Apart from driving in, there are also free shuttles picking up and alighting the passengers to/fro from Marina Barrage which gives the public another alternative modes of transport.

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