Monday, September 14, 2015

Lunch date at Mad Jack

Having lunch dates on a weekday afternoon with my children is extremely rare due to my work commitments. Hence, I was really looking forward to bring Denver & Gladys out for a nice meal that is not too expensive yet providing a cozy environment for us to sit down and relax.

With the recent trend of restaurants' definition of child by their height (and no longer by age), the children inheriting their father's genes of being taller already put them out of the children category. Fortunately, there are many cafes and restaurants offering Student Meals on weekdays which help us to save some cost.

Was still pretty clueless as we walked within Nex Shopping Mall but Gladys and I spotted attractive lunch deals at Mad Jack and decided to go in to try.

Lots to pick from and I was so tempted! We wrote our orders down on a piece of paper and I went to the cashier to make payment.

We were directed to sit at the couch area and that was another bonus for us! It was so comfy that we could sit through for hours! The children wasted no time taking out their mobile devices and started swiping while waiting for the food to arrive. Even though it is not an everyday affair that they get to spend some personal time with Mommy, the temptation of technology was simply irresistible. Can't blame them as they do not have the opportunity to use it during school term plus many applications are password protected. That was their golden opportunity to play for a couple of minutes.

Our boy catching up with his games which he had missed.

It didn't take long before the food was served. Gladys has a soft spot for cheese and cream hence she picked Linguini in Cream Sauce - $6.90 (Student meal which comes with a soft drink). The dish was not overly creamy and our girl managed to finish almost the entire plate on her own.

Denver had Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce - $6.90 (Student meal which comes with a soft drink). I added another $4 to complete the meal with a soup of a day as well as a dessert. It was a good deal as we get to share the food among ourselves.

Since I am not a student, I went for their lunch madness deals. Grilled Salmon in Cream Sauce served with mushroom rice - $10.90 (Drinks not inclusive). I thought the salmon was nicely grilled and it was so tender and soft. Goes perfectly well with the cream sauce and I love it!

The children always look forward to their dessert after every meal! Thick Chocolate cake with Vanilla ice-cream completes our meal for the day and we spent the next hour resting on the couch. Total bill came up to less than $30 which I thought was pretty worth it.

I must say I really enjoy watching the children playing while I do my doodling. We sat for ages before reluctantly making our way out of the restaurant. It was a peaceful afternoon away from the crowd and haze. I am already looking forward to another lunch date with my love ones soon!

Mad Jack
Address: Nex Shopping Mall, #B1-27, 23 Serangoon Central
Open: 11.30am - 10.30pm daily

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