Friday, April 10, 2015

Restoran Pou Wok (补锅佬菜馆) @ Mount Austin

During our stay with 8 Days Boutique Hotel -  Mount Austin, William recommended us a nice Chinese restaurant serving delicious KL Hokkien Mee next to the hotel.

There are a few tables outside Restoran Pou Wok particularly for customers who wish to enjoy a chilling night as they gather and chit chat with their friends. Although the interior of the restaurant looked quite empty, it is air-conditioned, clean and neat.

Restoran Pou Wok has a couple of specialities like BBQ Pork Ribs, Fish Head Soup Steamed Boat, Fried Bitter Gourd Salted Egg etc. It was a pity we were still feeling very stuffed after a heavy lunch and hence we could only order some dishes to try.

KL "Hokkien Mee" - S (RM 6), M (RM 10), L (RM 15)

Hubby and I do not have a preference for yellow noodles but this is an exception. Not to be confused with the Hokkien Prawn Mee we had in Singapore (which is lighter in colour), KL Hokkien Mee has thick yellow noodles braised in thick dark soy sauce. I guess the key is the use of the fatter, slightly flattened yellow noodles which has lesser alkali taste. The sweetness from the dark soy sauce and crispy bits from the pork lard make this dish extremely delectable.

Sweet & Sour Pork

Sweet & sour pork is an all time classic dish that is economical and well loved by everyone, but many had too much flour encasing the meat. Pou Wok's sweet & sour pork is nicely done where the pork is juicy and bouncy. The thin layer of outer crust with the right balance of sweet & sour tangy sauce pairs perfectly with the pork cubes.

Sambal "Kampung" Chicken - S (RM 22)

Since young, I was told that kampung chicken meat is meatier and firmer. We ordered the half chicken for all to share. Simply savour the natural flavour of the chicken is heavenly and satisfying.

Restoran Pou Wok is a gem in Mount Austin serving delicious Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. We would love to be back again to try out their other specialties!

Restoran Pou Wok (补锅佬菜馆)
Address: 105, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 1.555114, 103.783566

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