Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Fun Activities with Teens - Meomi Cat Cafe

Our children are growing up fast and turning into teenagers, it is actually harder to engage them in family activities as compared to when they are younger. Now that they are older, they actually have more preferences and opinions. With traveling plans put to a halt and no staycation plans in mind, 2020 year end school holidays is going to be a challenge. What are the fun things to do or places to go to spend time with my growing teens?

One nice and fun place to bring your child/teen to is a Cat Cafe. Recently my older boy has went to one with his friends and I thought it will be a nice treat for our girl as well. After researching online, there are actually a few cat cafes in Singapore. 

Meomi Cat Cafe is located near Haji Lane which is surrounded by good food, rich heritage and lots of instagram friendly photo spots. I nearly missed the cafe as we walked along the row of shophouses. It did not have a prominent signboard but thankfully Gladys spotted it. 

We did not make any booking prior to our visit and hence was really lucky to secure a slot. 

1st Hour - $13 with a complimentary drink
Subsequent 1/2 Hour - $5

(Children - 6 to 12 yrs)
1st Hour - $9 with a complimentary drink
Subsequent 1/2 Hour - $4

Payment is made after the session (Nets/Cash)

Prior to entering, sanitize your hands and make sure you read the rules on how to handle the cats with love and care.

Though the space within Meomi Cat Cafe is small, it is cozy, neat and welcoming. I love the big ceiling windows at the center which opens up the room, allowing plenty of natural light in, making the whole space more inviting and uplifting.

Visitors can sit comfortably on the cushion laid along both sides of the walls. The low seating on the ground is perfect for us to relax while allowing maximum interactions with the cats.

Meomi has been in operation for 6 years and is currently home to 7 cats - Frowny, Luna, Oreo, Mario, George, Junior and Curley. 

This is our first time visiting a cat cafe and honestly I do not know what to expect except looking out where the cats were and trying to identify them. Some were sleeping, some were observing us from the top, while the others were just roaming around.

View of Meomi Cat Cafe

We spent quite a fair bit of time with George and Frowny as they were the ones more active on the ground when we visited. Say Hi to George! 

Frowny is a beautiful white furry cat with gorgeous blue eyes! 

Frowny has a liking for the entrance walk way and spends her time at the door looking at the glass window and door.

We were most mesmerized by Oreo - Awwww... I wish I can cuddle and sleep like this too.

Oreo is one of the more popular cats in Meomi. I can tell why just looking at how it sleeps. :)

Luna is a rescued stray cat. Was sleeping when we entered and I think we woke Luna up from bed.

Mario finally came down from the top just before we were leaving. Not really bothered by the visitors in the cafe, Mario made its way around the space leisurely occasionally visiting Luna and George.

George went to back rest after exercising.

OH.. I missed knowing you!

Before leaving, you can check out the cute items on the shelf and see if you like to make any purchase.

It has been a therapeutic session for me and I felt pretty relax just watching the cats. The staff are also very friendly and through them, I learn more about the cats at Meomi. Took many cute photos of them and generally observed them from afar. Keeping in mind while we love to pet them, not to be rough and disturb the furry cats. Be kind to animals.

The only thing that was probably 'stressing' was Gladys kept on asking if she can have a cat too. I guess that is the risk all parents have to take when you bring your kid to a cat cafe. 
Things to Note
  • Make your reservations with Meomi Cat Cafe first to avoid disappointment
  • Meomi Cat Cafe closes it shop on random days, hence it will be good to check their Facebook/instagram page for updates. 
  • Children 12 years and below must be accompanied by an adult
  • Children must be above 6 years old with Photo ID
  • Last entry is 1 hour before closing
  • Be gentle to the cats and avoid loud noises.
Meomi Cat Cafe
Address: 668 North Bridge Road Singapore, Singapore 188801

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