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Guo Ma Taiwanese Steamboat Buffet (锅妈台式火鍋) @ Taman Mount Austin

Guo Ma Taiwanese Steamboat (锅妈台式火鍋) is a familiar name among the locals and many come in groups and go for their steamboat buffet. Hence, it is EXTREMELY HARD to get seats. To date, we only got lucky once among all the times we passed by the restaurant. Suggest that you make a reservation first prior to visiting to avoid disappointment.

Guo Ma offers authentic Taiwanese style steamboat and it has outlets in Taman Mount Austin, Kulai and the latest at Kenith Mall (In front of Komtar JBCC)

We visited the outlet at Taman Mount Austin many months ago and were really lucky to secure seats without booking! There is a dining limit of 2 hours but it is sufficient time for us as we usually only take about half of the time.

Interior of the restaurant is neat, clean, organised and bright.

For the price of RM39.90++, you get a wide selection of vegetables, seafood (fish, cuttlefish, prawns, clams etc), sliced meat (chicken, pork, beef, mutton) , noodles etc. That is about SGD15 and it is really a good deal!

Sliced meat are nicely plated and placed in the fridge and diners can pick their preferred plate. Staff will refill the meat fairly quickly hence do make sure you only take what you can finish to avoid wastage.

Everything is self service in Guo Ma, including refilling the soup base in your pot.

Different sauces to give diners more options.

Fruits and cakes to complete your meal

Aiyu Ice Jelly (愛玉冰) - A popular Taiwanese dessert that you can probably only find in a Taiwanese style steamboat restaurant.

Assorted ice-cream 

Free flow of drinks at the beverage counter

There are 2 different soup base - spicy and clear chicken broth in the yuanyang pot.

Love to see everything cooking in the pot and it looks so appetizing! Food selection was great but we mainly go for the sliced meat (particularly pork and beef).

I was also delighted to see Taiwanese braised minced pork rice (卤肉饭) here and probably had too many bowls!

With the variety of assorted food that is offered at Guo Ma, it is definitely an economical steamboat place to consider. The only thing is you have to make your reservation prior to visiting as it is always packed!

Guo Ma Taiwan Steamboat Restaurant (锅妈台式火鍋)
Austin Outlet Address: 55, Jalan Austin Heights 8/5, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 4:30pm - 12:30am (Daily)

Price: Adult (RM39.90++), Child (RM19.90++) - 90cam - 130cm

Visit Dates : Late 2017 - 2018

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