Sunday, March 31, 2019

Floral Fantasy Blossoms at Gardens by the Bay

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More excitement awaits at Gardens by the Bay this coming April as Floral Fantasy , the latest thematic attraction unfolds and open its doors to the public on 14 April 2019!

Located at Bayfront Plaza, next to Bayfront MRT station, the 1,500 sq m indoor floral garden with more than 3000 plants and more than 150 species, hopes visitors will have a fantastical experience.

Floral Fantasy comprises of four diverse garden landscapes, each showcasing a different artistic concept.

DANCE (花之舞)

We were welcomed by a colourful sight upon entering Floral Fantasy! Greeted by lush, brightly coloured tableau of flowering plants suspended from the ceiling, the rainbow canopy lifted our spirits instantly as we walked through the space.

As we made our way to the further in, look up and be greeted by the whimsical sight of pendulous floral balls bobbing gently up and down from the ceiling.

FLOAT (花之溪)

From the floral canopy, we transit into a wider space accompanied with the sounds of water. Unique trees and interesting forms such as twisty and drooping branches flank the space, creating a sense of intimacy with visitors.

Am delighted to find autumn leaves within Floral Fantasy

WALTZ (花之雨)

This is my favourite zone as we moved away from the flower field into a rain oasis and waterfalls of flowers. Ensconced by driftwood structures at the top and sheets of water at the sides, it felt like we have entered a rainforest.

I love the sounds of the water very much and sitting by the side watching the changing patterns of the water is extremely therapeutic and relaxing.

Do not miss the 4m wide by 2m tall poison dart frog vivarium which house tiny but eye-catching poison dart frogs !

DRIFT (花之影)

The transition from light to dark marks the entry to the fourth and final garden landscape. Reminiscent of a cavern, the semi-enclosed space is ringed with terraced rock. You will find a collection of exotic South American orchids growing here and hanging ferns draping down from the ceiling.

Before exiting, enter the 24-seater theater and take flight on a journey of a dragonfly's flight path through Gardens by the Bay. Visitors will experience the 4D effect of sight, sound, smell and touch on the stimulated journey.

Flight of the Dragonfly was conceptualised and produced by ST Engineering, and is the first 4D simulation ride conceptualised, produced and filmed in Singapore by ST Engineering.

It has been a colourful and delightful experience exploring Floral Fantasy. Click on our videos below as we walk you through the four garden landscapes once again. 

Officially opens to public on 14 April 2019
Time: 9am - 9pm
Location: Bayfront Plaza, next to Bayfront MRT Station
*Admission rates applies

Opening special rate, for visits to Floral Fantasy between 14 April to 13 May 2019

Image source - Gardens by the bay

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