Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kluang Rail Coffee - [JB]

We drove down to Kluang Railway Station during the June holidays - not to take a train but to try out the traditional toast, soft boil egg and coffee at Kluang Rail Coffee. There are a few outlets in Kluang but we visited the original shop which has a history of about 70 years.

Its pretty crowded on a Sunday morning but we were patient to secure our seats. No fancy decor but it is the nostalgic and rustic look that appeals to me.

There is even a poem which describes Kluang Rail Coffee perfectly!

Menu on the board with price clearly indicated.

We ordered nasi lemak, noodle, soft boiled egg, toast, buns and coffee and tea. Nasi lemak and noodles are pre-packed and wrapped in small serving. 

Their buns and toasts tasted just like the usual ones served in local kopitiam. Personally I prefer the breakfast served at Kin Wah.

Despite the lack of uniqueness in its flavour/taste, Kluang Rail Coffee offers a variety of food on its menu. What also set Kluang Rail Coffee apart from other coffeeshops is the view of the railway tracks and offering its travelers a hearty meal before they continue their journey.

Even if we are not hoping onto the train, it feels good just to take a stroll, admiring the old tracks with the aroma of the coffee and toast lingering in the air. Somehow, our pace slowed down and we can take a step back and enjoy the simplicity of life over a humble breakfast.

Kluang Rail Coffee
Address: Stesen Keretapi 86000 Kluang, Johor
GPS: 2.033543,103.317584
Last visited: 11 June 2017

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