Wednesday, July 5, 2017

[SG] Making It Home - Playeum (Children's Centre for Creativity)

Located at Gillman Barrakcs, Playeum - Children's Centre for Creativity is a space dedicated to unique experiences, programmes and workshops for children of all social backgrounds aged one to 12. Its key mission is to ignite children to explore, create and learn through play. The environment is thoughtfully designed to promote enjoyable and absorbing open-ended, interactive experiences. Periodically, the space will change to a different theme for children to experience play in many creative fashion.

From now till 29 October 2017, Playeum's current exhibition - Making It Home focused on dreaming rooms, making spaces and creating places. Children and parents will re-experience home not only as a place of comfort, rest and shelter but also exploring materials that can be found within and use it for multiple purposes simply by invoking our innovative minds.

"The spaces within the Children’s Centre for Creativity have been transformed into different ‘rooms’, each with a different purpose, opportunities to explore, experiment and redefine. Children can dream of their future, bring together colours, materials and designs for floors walls and ceilings, with textiles, paint and construction material."

The Storey Room : The store room in our homes which is dark often appears to be scary. This perspective is changed as the space has been delightful transformed into a story room where children can make sounds and do shadows against the lighted wall to create their own stories and play.

The Bedroom : A dreamy space with various textile available for children to dress themselves up and engage in make-believe play. Be a hero or beautiful princess waiting for her prince charming. This is a fun space to spark creativity and imagination.

The Laundry Room : More textile hanging at the laundry space where children can do weaving and engage in peg play. I thought the cloth looks like 'hair' and took the opportunity to teach my girl how to do pleats.

The Kitchen :  The Kitchen is a space for touch, smell and experimentation! Children are engaged and focus on sensory play with the use of a variety of materials. No forks or spoons but sand, pegs and rubber bands are available where children and adults are challenged to create their own installation.

Gladys and I sat down and spent some time figuring out what we can create. Eventually, our girl made an aeroplane while I managed to make a horse.

Sand play is one of the favourite spot for children. Its fun to scoop the sand and therapeutic to see the fine sand flowing through the pipes and back into the wooden tub.

For Gladys and myself, we preferred the sand art drawing tray. I have always been amazed how sand artists create beautiful artworks with such ease. I finally got a chance to try it myself and it isn't as easy as it looks. We used our fingers, chopsticks, spoons and played by the sand tray for ages! I must say it is pretty addictive.

My sand art artwork. 

The Future Living Room : In this communal space where multiple generations come together at home, talking and relaxing, the Future Living Room invites children to think and play with movable cubes, explore upholstery with textiles and build with different blocks to show their own ideas of how a 'chair of the future' could look. Look out for the futuristic television where children can showcase the images they like on the screen.

The Central Space : Many pipes in newer homes have been concealed and children may not even notice its existence as part of an important tool to carry water into and away from home. This creative installation offers children the chance to encounter the versatility of PVC drain pipes and create their own installation simply by connecting them.

Don't be surprise that some children does not know what sewage covers are and where they can be found. In reality, many would not want to touch the covers but this installation is brilliant where they re-designed it into a memory game and everyone gets to open and close the covers with ease.

The Play Making Space : Another hot favourite spot where children pull up their own ideas, tinker with the tools to make something for the home. Surrounded by quirky pulleys and a range of resources, children explore and express their thoughts, constructing creations with reusable materials, upcycling them to create something new. With adult supervision, children gets hands on experience using the scissors, glue gun, saw, hammer and more.

View of the Play Making Space

Really enjoyed our time at Playeum. Its not only just play but Playeum created a freedom of space which invites children of all ages and backgrounds to come where they are exposed to sensory and creative play. Always encouraging children toplay with their ideas and think out of the box.

Date: 16 May - 29 October 2017

Address: Blk 47, Malan Road, #01-23, Gillman Barracks, S109444
Admission Rates: $22 (Child Age 1 to 12) | Accompany adult : Free | Additional adult : $10
*Children must be accompanied by an adult. Sessions may be limited to 2 hours during busy periods.


Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. We were invited to visit Playeum to explore its current exhibition - Making It Home

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