Monday, June 5, 2017

Chimney Cake and Soft Serve @ Rollney Malayisa - [JB]

Rollney has rolled its way to Mount Austin (Johor Bahru) serving delicious mouthwatering Hungarian pastries. Instead of the conventional cone where ice-cream is served, chimney cakes (Kürtőskalács) is baked and topped with soft serve. 

Chimney cakes is made from sweet, yeast dough rolled in a bed of granulated sugar and cinnamon powder, of which a strip is spun and wrapped around a truncated cone-shaped baking spit. Then they are roasted till golden brown in colour. 

Currently, Rollney offers soft serve in Vanilla or Matcha flavour. You can also choose to go for 1 or 3 toppings at RM15.90 and RM17.90 respectively. Toppings wise, you can go for sauce, popcorn, kit kat coco, waffle stick, brownies and other velvety coatings.

We decided to pamper ourselves and picked 3 toppings. Staff recommended that we try the caramel or chocolate sauce even though I thought strawberry will be a prettier colour as topping. Surprisingly, the caramel sauce is not too sweet and blends in just nice with the vanilla soft serve.

Gladys picked M&Ms and her Rollney 'cone' looks awesomely colourful and delicious.

Digging into our cooling dessert on a hot afternoon.

Even though we slurp up all the soft serve, the chimney cake is just as delicious as we pulled out the sugar strip coated with caramel and tucked in into our mouth. Wait... there are 2 choco balls at the bottom of the 'cone' which probably serves as a 'stopper', preventing the soft serve from oozing out. Nevertheless, it was a delightful surprise for us and a good finisher to the dessert.

Free flow of water is available for diners who wish to feel refresh after savouring the sweet dessert.

Good things are meant to be shared. 

Clean and bright environment to dine in where you can relax yourself to enjoy your chimney cake and soft serve. Price is a little steep but it was a good first time experience for us.

Rollney Malaysia
Address: #G-07 Block A Akademik Suite Jalan Austin Heights Utama Jalan Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Johor Bahru

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