Monday, September 26, 2016

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe @ Aljunied


Earlier this month, we had a pleasant dinner at Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe at Aljunied. Specialized in North-Eastern Thai cuisine, it has a wide variety of dishes on its menu at an attractive price. Located within the heartlands, Spicy Thai has earned its regular base of customers and the restaurant is usually packed during the weekends.    

There are seating within and outside the restaurant. Simple decor and great for gatherings among family and friends.

We ordered some refreshing drinks to compliment our meal. 
(Organic Wheatgrass - $4, Ice Thai Tea - $2.50, Thai Bandung - $2.80)

The piping hot fish maw crab meat soup is tasty with the fish maw soft and chewy. We only find it a little too salty else it would be a nice dish to go with rice.

(Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup - $28)

I asked the children to vote for their favourite dish and this was their pick almost immediately. I thought they may not like the dill within the omelette but to my surprise, they LOVE it! Did a Wikipedia search on dill and apparently, it belongs to the celery family. Dill is known as 'Lao Coriander' in English and 'Phak Chee Lao' in Thai. Apart from being an ingredient in Thai style omelette, it is also commonly use in soups and curries. This is definitely our must-order dish if we visit again.

Thai Dill Omelette (Cha Om) - $10

Another personal favourite of ours - BBQ Pork Belly. Pork belly has always been our family's top favourite dish on the list. Love the sweetness and its juicy tender meat. Plus, the meat is cooked over charcoal, which leaves a fragrant aroma and taste in our palate. Every bite is so delicious that we could not stop grabbing for more. It is a must-try!

(BBQ Pork Belly - $18)

When it comes to kangkong, we prefer it to be stir-fried with sambal. At Spicy Thai, we experienced another way of savouring the leafy vegetable. It looks like a pot of tempura from afar and our kiddos are very receptive to this dish. If you find it not shiok enough, dip it in their special thai sauce to invoke your tastebud!

(Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce - $10)

This is a very interesting Otak dish served in a coconut husk. You can find prawns within and every scoop of otah is spicy yet satisfying. 

Thai Style Otak (Hommok) - $18

Sometimes, I really hope I am able to take more spice as I am missing so much! The Lala Bee Hoon taste so delicious but I am only able to savour some as it is a little too spicy for me. Give it a good stir to let the sauce thoroughly absorb through the beehoon! Lots of lala within and it is a wonderful dish to share among family and friends.

(Lala Bee Hoon - $18)

Another must try dish! The sea bass meat is tender within and crispy on the outside. Goes perfectly well with rice and I love the sweetness! Next time, I would love to try out the steamed sea bass or catfish! 

(Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad - $Seasonal Price)

After a round of shiok, hot and spicy food, I am definitely looking forward to dessert! Time to chill my tongue!

Love the colours of the Thai Red Ruby which is sweet and crunchy. 
(Thai Red Ruby - $4)

Among the warm dessert, this is my personal favourite. I like the sweetness and softness of the tapioca that melts in my mouth. 
(Tapioca with Coconut Milk - $4)

Overall, we had a very satisfying meal at Spicy Thai. Most of the dishes are to our liking and the pricing is attractive. If you like Thai food, Spicy Thai is a nice restaurant within the neighbourhood estate where you can enjoy good authentic Thai cuisine.

Spicy Thai
Address: Blk 115, Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115

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