Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~ DKranji Farm Resort Open House ~

13 Oct 2013 - DKranji Farm Resort had its first open house to the public. There was a line up of activities including game stalls, flea market stalls, lucky draws, free lunch and free flow of refreshments and beer! It was our first time dropping by the farm resort to see what it has to offer. 

Prawn fishing is available at $15 an hour. Rates seems to be a little steeper compared to the other operators but there are still fishing enthusiast who may be game on it.
We were thrilled to see the flea market stalls set up by the countryside farms in Kranji.  

Ever tried eating fresh, greeny leafy vegetables? Trays of leafy sprouts were on display for public to pluck and sample. We took up the challenge and surprisingly, the Wasabi sprouts were delicious! Denver was a bit sceptical at first but after tasting one, he could not resist plucking more!
The most popular stall among children has to be from the Jurong Frog Farm and Farmart. The cute little chicks and tadpoles attracted a fair bit of crowd. Denver & Gladys pestered us to buy the quail chicks back. The boss even promised to give Denver 2 chicks if he is able to score above 85 marks for all his subjects in the coming examinations! The little ones are indeed very adorable but thinking of the commitment and duties does make us hesitate. It took us a long time before we were able to hop to the next stall.
Free hands-on pottery trail on the spot. :) Even the minions are made into pottery. Our kids don't mind getting their hands messy at all. It was pretty fun molding the clay into shape.
Game stalls always attracted the longest queue. Coincidentally, all the games being set up was about aiming using bullets, arrows and a ball.  

Main highlight of the event - visiting the rooms. :)

Lots of greenery and the exterior looks clean and tidy. There is a carpark within each unit and a separate driveway for cars to drive in to the personal car porch. 

Executive Villa - The air-conditioned room comes with a queen size bed and a 2 seater couch in the hall. There is a patio and I adore the bathroom as it comes with a Jacuzzi tub, open concept showering area and a steam room!
Moving to the Superior Hut, the room is smaller but it also comes with a queen size bed and an open concept showering area.
Unfortunately, we were not able to view the Family suite as it was occupied. However, we understand it was the largest room with 2 queen size beds, a living hall area, 2 bathrooms and a backyard with BBQ pit facilities. (BBQ pit is only available for family suite room).

Room rates for the various accomodation types.

The rooms are clean and facilities looks new. Surrounded by lustful greenery, it would be lovely to experience a night stay at DKranji as I heard they also organise farm tours. Unfortunately, the room rates look a bit steep and only the Famliy Suite can fit us and suit our needs. Look forward to seeing more promotions and opportunities to visit/stay in DKranji in the future. 

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