Saturday, July 13, 2013

~ Revisiting Chek Jawa Wetlands ~

Last year, we visited the Chek Jawa Wetlands in the rain. This year, we were welcomed by the haze. Luckily, the PSI was within the healthy range and we were able to continue with the low tide guided tour and enjoy some nature walk.

Despite the mild haze condition, the air smelled fresher within the woods. It was a beautiful morning and we are looking forward to make new discovery. :) We were very honoured to have Uncle Joesph, the man who raised the media and public attention through his appeal on the public forums when Chek Jawa was to the rocks to be reclaimed.

During each of our visit, we get to see new species and different coloured crabs. Not forgetting the mudskippers and Nipah palm in the mangrove.

See how they jump!

This blue beauty caught our attention even though it is very small. I wonder if it is poisonous since bright colours creatures normally is an indication that they are pretty venomous.

The next time when you take the climb up to the Jejawi Tower, do stop and take a look at the big tree next to it. If I am not wrong, it is commonly known the Mangrove apple tree (Berembang - Sonneratia caseloaris). The flower is pinkish or red and normally found in the muddy river banks area. It is very rare and listed on the endangered list as one of the threatened plants in Singapore.

At the top of the Jejawi Tower, we spotted the monkeys happily doing their morning stunts involving many climbs and jumps on the trees. 

Looked pretty hazy from afar. 

From the broadwalk, we moved down to the sand bed. Noble volute, sea cucumber, and hermit crabs welcome us back once again. 

Hermit Crabs hiding inside the shell. You can try to hold it if you dare. :)

My favourite - The beautiful Stars. 
Big star for Gladys

Seaweed discovery. Do you know that there are Red, Green and Brown seaweeds? Though not very familiar with their names, the one that caught our attention was a sponge like seaweed which is really spongy and soft. Is that how the creator of Spongebob Square Pants get his inspiration from?

They found a small snake which is not venomous.

Found this beauty attaching itself on the rocks but not exactly sure what it was. Maybe it is a blue sponge coral.

The haze didn't beat us down and once again, we had a very educational walk! Only at Chek Jawa, we can find our very last stretch of green carpet and this is the home of many marine creatures. Natural forestry and wildlife is rarely found in Singapore and we should do our little part to keep it clean and preserve this last piece of land for our children and future generations to embrace.  

Check out the following website if you are interested to take part in the guided tour. Do note that they are very popular and its fully booked very fast!


Henry Lee said...

wow get to see starfish... i hardly find starfish in my local beaches here :(

Phoebe said...

We went on a lowtide tour and the guide help to find the starfish. Very good experience if you ever have a chance to take on their guided tour in Chek Jawa.

Anonymous said...

Perfect weekend activity to do with the family.

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