Sunday, July 7, 2013

~ Japanese Buffet @ Momiji ~

Delayed post : Hubby brought me to Momiji Japanese restaurant at City Square Mall a couple of months back to have lunch and spend some quiet time together. Although it was a weekday, there was already a queue outside the restaurant. 

My first stop - The sushi counter with my favourite assorted selection of sushi and sashimi.  


I find their sushi nicely rolled and appetizing. Their salmon are fresh and thick enough for my endless indulgence.  

Moving on to the cooked food area, there are fried rice, spaghetti, char siew, toufu, squid, yakitori and more. However, I gave them a miss as I don't really fancy fried and starchy food during buffet.

Like other Japanese restaurants, there is a Teppanyaki section. You place the clip (with your table number) at the food counters that you like to try and they will serve you the cooked dishes.

I find the waiting time too long and the meat is too thick and tough for my liking. However, I thought the Beef with Enoki mushrooms tasted alright as it was sliced into thinner slices.

Other assorted seafood and hotpots.

All time favourite - Chawamushi and mushroom soup.

I really like the warm mushroom soup which settles my tummy after a feel rounds of attack at the sushi bar. 

I don't have a sweet tooth but the desserts really look tempting. 
Chocolate fondue and assorted fruits. 

Cold and hot drinks plus ice-cream

I took a couple of desserts and shared with Hubby. At the end of the day, I still prefer to have a piece of yummy cheesecake which goes splendidly well with my bowl of Haagen dazs ice-cream. Lastly, I completed my meal with a final cup of warm Milo. 

Generally, Momiji serves a nice selection of food. I only find the walking space at the various food counters a bit cramp especially during peak hours. Waiting time for the teppanyaki can also be improved. 

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
City Square Mall, #05-04/06, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539 
Tel: (+65) 6509 1193

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