Thursday, February 28, 2013

~ Hong Kong 2012 - Day 3 (Part 2) Ocean Park ~

The sun was scorching hot and the spectators’ seats at the Ocean Theatre instantly became a pool of brollies overlooking the stage. We were at the mercy of the heat, perspiring furiously while waiting for the show to start. The scenic view of the ocean and mountains helped to cool off my thoughts for a moment.

It has been more than 10 years since Hubby and I sat down at this very spot. We can vividly remember how impressed we were with the performance put up by the dolphins then. The contents of the show has changed over the years and we seem to be seeing lesser action from our ocean friends. Nevertheless, "Sea Dreams" is the one of the main attraction to catch at Ocean Park.

The Rapids is the only ride that we hopped on despite the risk of getting soak. The thrill of this ride is not how the raft swayed along the course but how I can avoid being attacked by the splashes of water!

Now that we have Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the Singapore Zoo, Le Le and Ying Ying are the Super Stars at the Giant Panda Adventure.

They are so adorable! No wonder we got mesmerized by our furry friends.

The cuddly red pandas nearly stole the limelight as they make their appearance. These little reddish brown, bushy-tailed mammal has a cat-like face and white whiskers. They look like raccoon and is about the size of a small dog.

We met Whiskers and his friends at the Whiskers Theatre. Mommy helped to translate the story to the children as the show was mostly in Cantonese. Despite the language barrier, Denver & Gladys enjoyed watching the lovable characters and performance very much.

Merry-Go-Round is a MUST have at every theme park. It is a ride not only for children but also for adults. :)

Experience the culture of Hong Kong in its 50s to 70s at Old Hong Kong.
More Merry-Go-Round.

As the night falls, we headed back to the Waterfront Plaza for a series of acrobatic performance as a team of Balloonatics and Aviators explode across the sky.

Symbio - A combination of light, fire and sound effects as the Lagoon transformed itself into a stage for the world’s first 360° water screen show in the night. The final finale before the park closes for the day.

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