Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~ Wishes for the New Year - 2013! ~

HAPPY 2013! Our first blog post for the year! Last month, we penned our wishes down on the Wishing Spheres and these little white balls, together with our wishes are floating on the waters of Marina Bay as we catch the countdown yesterday in the comfort of our new home.

2012 was a very busy and tiring year for our family. After a major decision to move to a new unit, we spent most of the months packing, moving and unpacking. It was a Year of many Changes and Challenges. Change of environment, lifestyle as well as a mix feeling of emotions.

We have finally settled down and spent our December holidays, Christmas and New Year Eve counting down in our lovely nest. Our kiddos are as happy and excited as ever as they prepare and get ready to start school tomorrow! ^_^

Here's our wishes for the New Year! :)

Gladys - Our Guardian Angel

Denver - Aspiring Scientist-to-be

 Hubby - Forever Caring and Helping


BPDGTravels looks forward to another EXCITING 2013 with lots of FUN and Family Bonding. May your New Year be filled with 12 Months of Happiness, 52 Weeks of Joy and 365 Days of Good Health.



LuPorTi said...

Happy New Year to you. Hope you and your family will have a great year of 2013!

Phoebe said...

Happy New Year LuPorTi! Wishing you and your family a prosperous, happy and healthy year ahead!


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