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~ Hong Kong 2012 - Day 3 (Part 1) Ocean Park ~

3 September 2012 - Ocean Park (香港海洋公園)

Our 3rd day in Hong Kong and our children have been waiting for this day to come since we arrived. We will be having loads of fun at Ocean Park! We geared ourselves to a heavy breakfast and load up our haversacks with bread and drinks for our trip.

Taking the MTR down to Admiralty station, we hopped on Citybus - 629 which runs daily to Ocean Park.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning and the children were excited to visit the theme park!

For hubby and I, it was a moment to re-visit the memory lane which we took almost 10 years ago.

Our first stop is The Grand Aquarium.

Denver and Gladys got the opportunity to touch the starfish at the touch pool. We marvelled at the fishes in the aquarium and the gigantic swirl tank.

It was our first time catching the showcase of birds in 'The Emperors of the Sky' show at the Amazing Bird Theatre.

Our kiddos get to take photos and did a little donation to help preserving the wildlife animals.

We were a little dissappointed that the cable car was down for maintenance during our visit. :( Nevertheless, we got to take the train at the Ocean Express Waterfront Station (which was also our first ride) as an alternative.

While waiting, we scent a fragant smell nearby and could not resist buying a packet of grilled squid for our snack. Simply delicious!

We have reached the Summit and here is where the adventure lies. If you crave for thrilling rides, this is the place not to be missed.  

Since we have a 'weaker' heart, we prefer to say "Hi" to the animals from the Arctic.

Entering the South Pole Spectacular, we were delighted to see the little penguins wading their way on the icy grounds and diving into the waters for their morning exercise rounds.

Moving to the North Pole Encounter, we felt the coldness biting into our bones. The temperature needs to be low throughout the year so that our arctic friends can feel happy and comfortable.

We spotted walruses, seals and snowly owl here! :)

Before we end our polar adventure tour, we saw the cute, little arctic foxes in the Artic Fox Den.

There was a vast difference in temperature upon exiting Polarland. Time to take off our jackets and put on our hats. Fortunately, we were able to hide in the shelter as we await for our Ocean Park Tower ride.

Seated comfortably in the viewing room which rotates gently, we soar through 72 metres into the air and got a magnicient view of the park, Hong Kong and its outlying islands.

As we made our way down from the tower, Pacific Pier - (home of the seals and sea lions) was our next destination.

Apart from hopping from land to land, we love to make our way into the souvenior shops to try out their beautifully-designed furry, animals hats! 
Are we cute?? :p

Part 2 continues....
Places of Interest
Ocean Park (香港海洋公園)
Address: Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island
How to Get there: MTR, Admiralty Station, Exit B. Take Bus 629

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I absolutely love this blog! It's one of the most colourful and inviting I've seen and it really makes me want to go back to Hong Kong. It's been about 3 years now since I last visited and I've heard it's changed so much even in that short space of time - I can't even imagine the difference you must have noticed after 10 years! Those fish tanks just look amazing and I'd love to go and see the seals. You've got me looking at rented accommodation in Hong Kong now - I want to start planning my next holiday!

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