Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ POSB Run for Kids 2011 ~

It is our first time participating in the POSB Run for Kids event @ East Coast Park last Sunday. We are extremely excited about it and left home at 6:15am just to secure a car park lot anticipating that there will be a crowd there.

True enough, there are long queue of cars and the carparks are filled up very soon. We managed to park at Big Splash and went to collect our T-Shirts. Tentages are setup with a lot of games and activities. Not forgetting my favourite MILO Booth. ^_^

We met up with Andy and his 2 boys to participate in the Run together. Thanks to Andy, we got a nice family shot with the banner. ^_^

The children also have their photos taken. (PS: If you missed the POSB Run 4 Kids, watch out for the Passion FUN around the bay on 29th October!)

The children had some cups of milo and games before the 4.5km fun walk starts.

Before we start our 4.5km fun walk, we saw a series of competitive runs (1.2km/800m) from the children. Gladys has been acting cranky again as she wants to play at the jumping castle and hope to get a medal after the 'run'. @_@!

We were delighted to see the Mascot waving and getting closer to us. The children reached out their hands hoping for a quick hand shake.

It's time for the 4.5km fun walk! Denver & Wenwei get along very well and I believe they had fun chit-chatting along the way. :)

Denver & Gladys waiting for the Run to start.

Here we go!

Gladys and I were left behind the group as our little girl refused to walk.. @_@..... Mommy has to half carry, half-coax to motivate her to move. While the boys are way ahead of us, we are moving slowly behind the pack. As much as I would love to complete the walk, Gladys complains of tummy-ache and tiredness... We finally made a U-turn at the Water point. 

Gladys stopping... making poses... and funny faces to show her exhaustion.

We are finally reaching the finish point.. completing only about 3km of the walk in total. :p

The boys did a better job completing the 4.5km walk! Applause ^_^

Gladys finally gets to play at the Jumping Castle but it's HOT!

We are very happy to be able to take photos with Mr Yam Ah Mee who is so friendly to take poses with our family and children!

It has been a great workout and family time together. We would like to thank the following for making this possible for us.

Andy & Juliana (URA) for extending the invitation to us.
Kevin & Zhonghua (PA) for helping us with the Tshirts and logistics that day.

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