Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Play Time and Wild Wild Wet @ DTE Chalet - Day 2 ~

24th September 2011 - Morning routine : Breakfast at McDonalds. Again? The children enjoys it.. but maybe we can consider changing the venue next time? hehehe :)

After breakfast, it's bubble time for Gladys. I took her out while Daddy put the candies into the pinatas which I made earlier. Shhhhhh.. it is meant to be a little surprise.

Gladys had fun with the bubble play set which she got it from her teacher for being able to spell correctly. Her hands were soapy but she had so much fun!

Blow it High.... Blow it Low.... Pretty Bubbles everywhere!

After spending so much energy blowing the bubbles, our little girl still has a lot of reserve left to blow the balloons!

Our favourite outdoor event: Swimming! We head down to the pool and soak ourselves in the cold waters... ~ trembling ~ ~ ~...
Gladys is such a Happy Girl today! Even her smile looks sweeter!
Here are our water boys once again!

The moment the children has been waiting for.... WILD WILD WET! The COOL fantastic 4 has gathered once again ready to hit into the waters!

Checking out their heights while waiting for Wild Wild Wet to open the gates. We got 6 free tickets and it's just nice for all of us to enter.

A quick view around WWW. There are eateries, toilets, locker bay etc.

We are all set and ready! Mommy needs to keep her camera so that she can join in the fun too!!

Shiok River:  Let the waves brings you on a little exciting tour around Wild Wild Wet.

Say HI!

Tsunami: We had a Big Ball game at the Tsunami pool. The weather was great and we had so much throwing and catching the big orange ball while trying to move ourselves swiftly in the waters.

The Tsunami hit the pool at 11am sharp. Everyone got their tubes and rested on it while the waves hit and pushes them further and further away.

Professor's Playground: This is heavenly for the children. There are slides, water bucket and it's fun getting wet.

That ends our morning activity - BBQ session coming up!


LuPorTi said...

You all have a wonderful moment in the water ya.

Phoebe said...

Yes!! The weather was hot but we had a good time! I have to keep my camera so missed taking more photos. But it was Great! ^_^

Tom said...

Great post! Do check out our coverage of Wild Wild Wet before it's final completion here!

Happy Travels Everyone!


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