Sunday, September 11, 2011

~ Moonfest Mid-Autumn Celebration 2011 ~

This is the first time we took the kids out for lantern walking along the waterfront. Not only children has the priviledge to carry the lanterns, adults can also join in the walkabout. There are a series of Moonfest events held around Esplanade and along the waterfront to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Denver and Gladys got their lanterns ready!

When we arrived, we were just in time to enjoy a series of local TV drama songs like "红头巾", "小人物的心聲" and also other familiar oldies like "月亮代表我的心" at the Outdoor Theathre. That brings back a lot of good old memories. Denver & Gladys may not be familiar with them but they sang along and waved their lanterns with the crowd.

We spotted stilt walkers lighted in their colourful costumes and dragon dance. Other Moonfest events continues at the forecourt area with traditional songs/dance.

Unfortunately, it started to drizzle... We were not able to continue with the Lantern Walkabout. The outdoor performances were also cancelled due to the unforseen weather condition. :(

We took shelter within Esplanade and enjoyed the Chinese Orchestra performance at the Concourse.

Although we were a bit dissappointed not able to bring the children for the lantern walk, hopefully they enjoyed the songs and performances.

Good Night Singapore! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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