Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~ Sentosa Flowers 2011 (春节花会) ~

Sentosa Flowers 2011 (春节花会) is back and this is the first time we are visiting the annual event since it's first launch in February 2005. Every year, it will showcase a variety of flora exhibits which coincides with the Chinese New Year period.

Sentosa Flowers Date: 3 Feb to 13 Feb (Free event but island admission and transportation charges apply)
Location: Sentosa Boardwalk, Merlion Plaza, Imbiah Lookout, RWS Festivewalk

Sentosa Flowers Map

We started our Sentosa Flowers trail by entering the Carrot Land (胡萝卜国)and was welcomed by 2 rows of big "carrots". Carrots means good luck or "好彩头" in Mandarin and there are over 100 varities in the world in all sorts of colours and sizes.

We only arrived shortly and Gladys started to complain about the heat and tiredness...insisting Daddy to carry her up the slope to the Merlion Walk. How 'clever' of her. :)

@ the Merlion Walk

Most of the flora display seems to be concentrated at the Merlion Plaza and Imbiah Lookout area as these are the places drawing the most crowd.

Take a stroll and be amazed with the various types Orchid flowers at the Orchid Treasure (Merlion Plaza).
My Sweet Valentine (甜蜜情人) - approximately 2.5m by 2m with the giant heart made up of 1000 real roses to signify love a thousand times over. A great place to take a picture with your love ones as Valentine's Day is approaching.

Gladys spotted the Wish Charm ($2 each) and wanted to write her wish on the paper too. Hubby finally gave in after she gave her super grumpy look. Hahahaha. It took them ages before they finally completed writing down their wishes and hanging it on the tree. We also met our friends Andy & Mengchoo who have come to visit the event for the second time to capture more photos. ^_^

Trees Of Life (生命之树)

Adventure With Ants (蚂蚁历险记) - Step in to learn more about the life-cycle of ants and how these little insects are beneficial to humans. (Although Mommy still dislikes ants in the house). :D

Gladys keeping her distance from the giant ant.

Eggs-sighting (蛋开眼界) - Is it Easter already? The Spring Rabbit is out to find its nest of huge 1.2-1.5m long by 1m wide Easter Eggs. The Chinese believe eggs symbolise fertility, and so after a baby is born, red eggs are given out to announce the recent birth.

We went through the Rabbit Trail and took more bunny photos.

Strange Mushrooms (奇异菇) - These bioluminescent mushrooms which emit yellow-green light are supposed to be best viewed at night. 

Giant Tulips (巨型郁金香) - the 2.5m tall giant tulips are made from fibre-glass and will be illumiated at night. I'm sure it will look fascinating in the dark.

Spring Is In The Air (春意满人间) - At first, I couldn't quite make out what this was. :p Taking a closer look, it is actually a Giant bird (10m long and 5m wide) decorated with assorted flowers.

Zodiac Spring Rabbit (生肖春兔) - Since it is the Year of the Rabbit, this is one of the most popular photography spot with the longer queue in line. We definitely cannot miss taking a picture with the Zodiac Rabbit. :)

Another vibrant flora display with the Resort World sign.

Walking down to the RWS Festive Walk, you will spot all the 12 Chinese Zodiac decorated by various flowers in different colours. All of them looked beautiful!

I heard it was pretty crowded over the weekends and we also saw a lot of people even on the weekdays. Nevertheless, it is a worthy trip down to the annual Sentosa Flowers event. Remember to bring your caps, brollies, cameras and extra bottled drinks to make this a more enjoyable experience. Catch this extravaganza flora themed event before it ends on this Sunday!


Kristin said...

I like 12 chinese zodiac. So cute. I wanna go too!

Phoebe said...

Yah.. the flora displays are nice. Do try to catch it if you are at Sentosa :)

LuPorTi said...

It looks nice!
I hope I manage to go Sentosa this year! :)

Phoebe said...

You planning to come to Singapore?

LuPorTi said...

Ya. I plan to. I actually planned to go last year, but due to some reason, it has to be postponed.

Phoebe said...

Great! Hope you have a good time in SG ^_^

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