Saturday, February 19, 2011

~ The ArtScience Museum @ Marina Bay Sands ~

The ArtScience Museum is officially opened on 19th February 2011! This unique "finger-like" architecture has been called "The Welcoming Hand of Singapore" by Mr. Sheldon Adelson (visionary chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp). Each 10 "fingers" has different gallery spaces, supported by the round base in the center. The tallest "finger" stands at 60m above ground.

Since we are near the ArtScience Museum, we walked over from Marina Square just to have a sneak peak on it's opening weekend. 

 Hubby piggy-back our 30+ kg sonny.

The ArtScience Museum is mainly divided into a few levels.

Level 1 - Lobby : This is where ticketing are purchased before entering the various galleries. Each admission ticket gives you access to all the exhibitions open at the Museum.

Adult - $30 SGD
Child - $17 SGD
Senior (above 65 years) - $27 SGD
*OCBC cardholders are entitled another 20% discount off ticket prices.

Basement 2 - Main Galleries : Gallery spaces and where you can locate the Museum Shop and SweetSpot Coffee.

Basement 1 - Restrooms and Bag drop area.

Level 3 - Upper Galleries : Consisting of 10 gallery spaces and is the only floor that occupies all 10 "fingers".

Level 4 - ArtScience Galleries : Permanent exhibits of Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression Galleries.

ArtScience Museum consists of 21 gallery spaces and it's design is inspired by a lotus flower. We can spot lotus flowers in the pond surrounding the museum. Another interesting fact is the Museum's dramatically-curved roof collects and channels rainwater through the central atrium down to a 35m tall water drop and into a renewable water supply for the restrooms which is part of Singapore's Green Mark program.

If there is an opportunity, Hubby and I hope to drop by the museum again and visit its galleries some day. :)


jfook said...

I didn't happen to visit the Art Science Museum during my visit to Marina Bay Sands. Only casino lol.

Phoebe said...

Oh. The Museum was only open today. :) We didn't purchase the tickets cos it's too exp for all of us to go. hehehe.. only look at the exterior of the museum. But it's pretty cool! ^_^

Hp said...

I wanna go ArtScience Museum soon! :)

Phoebe said...

Hi HP: Sorry for late reply! Its a nice place. :) Should go and have a look ^_^

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